Hell Gate Chronicles - NephilimMature

Alivia is the second nephilim in existence. A fact she doesn't learn until her sixteenth birthday when demons start showing up.
(A series of short stories)

Hell Gate Chronicles

Prologue – sixteen years ago

They got away Morael,” A woman drawled, leaning against the brick wall. She watched humans hurry past, caught up in the rush of their lives, completely unaware of beings like her. He muttered a curse in their foreign tongue, running a frustrated hand through his blond hair. When he dropped it he'd managed to tug a few pale strands from their roots.

Do you think they overheard anything vital?” he asked, glancing back at her. They'd traced them back to the spire of an old cathedral, but it became clear they were too late. The scorch marks of a used hell-gate evidence of that.

Even if they did, they would be nothing they could do,” The woman replied, her eyes watching drunken humans leave a club, two inebriated humans close enough to hint what they planned later.

What now? Have we received further orders?” Morael asked, his own grey eyes still narrowed, no doubt annoyed at himself for losing the demons.

I'm surprised you'd think me in the loop,” she joked with a bitter laugh. He didn't share the amusement. “They're sending Muriel down. The chosen will be watched over by her. You're to watch from a distance,” she explained.

Great,” Morael muttered, kicking a pebble. “Sixteen years in the human world.”

I thought you were bored of the upper world?” she asked, envy spiking her voice. He glanced at her, but her face was indifferent.

I wanted to go to the netherworlds, not guard some child,” he retorted, looking like a petulant teenager throwing a fit.

Children,” she corrected. “They're twins.” Morael couldn't care less. This was the higher-ups idea of punishing him from his perspective. It was his job to hunt down demons, and yet time and time again the elders were telling him to back off. Morael knew to a certain extent demons were doing their job. Tempting and testing humans of their faith. But being scowled at for leaving the hospital to give chase to those two demons? It left a bitter taste in his month. Maybe one day he'd see them again and be able to cut them into pieces as he's supposed to.

Muriel,” the women said, her tone growing cautious and drawing Morael from his thoughts. He turned to gaze at the elder angel before them. Her face was marred with laugh lines, greying light brown hair fell in a long braid behind her.

Morael,” she greeted. Her eyes ignoring the woman to study Morael. “I look forward to working with you. Both these children require watching over. We cannot risk them falling into demonic hands,” Muriel said. Morael let out an annoyed breath through his nostrils, a gesture Muriel did not miss. The women watched their discussion silently. She'd been surprised to even be included in the process. She'd only agreed because of some dim hope. One she felt was slowly fading into hopeless embers.

Is there something you wish to share?” Muriel directed to Morael.

Oh, nothing much,” he muttered tersely. “I just don't understand why we bother with the risk. Surely it'd make more sense to-” The woman dug her elbow into his ribs sharply, cutting him off. He shot her a glare, she replied with a warning look.

I hope,” Muriel began, approaching Morael calmly. The motherly look replaced by a stern expression, her frosty anger barely concealed within its depths. “That you were not about to suggest we kill innocent souls.” Morael clenched his fists and bit back a retort.

Of course. I'd never-” he began, feeling his face flush with embarrassment.

Then do your job Morael. You're already under enough scrutiny as it is,” Muriel said. He blinked at her before her meaning made its impact. She waited for him to respond, well aware he wanted too. He flicked his eyes to the floor, his jaw clenched. The woman couldn't help but grin, her dark waves of hair hid her expression from the other two.

Follow me,” Muriel said, turning. The two followed her. The human hospital reeked of death and they could all see the lingering spirits. The woman wondered briefly how long they wandered before a reaper found them and helped them move on, or worse, a demon. The maternity ward was silent, save a few newborns who gurgled as they slept. Muriel led them to a cot. A baby boy and girl, slept soundlessly side by side. So much thrown into chaos over the small helpless bundles. Morael wondered briefly if it was worth it. He glanced at the woman, she looked deep in thought. One hand instinctively reached to pick one of the babies up. To hold something beautiful in her arms. She snatched it back when she saw Muriel watching her.

What of the mother?” Morael asked.

She's in surgery. It's unlikely she will survive though,” Muriel murmured softly.

The father?” Morael asked quietly, his muscles tensed.

I dare not guess,” she replied. One of the babies opened their eyes, staring at them curiously. He recognised those green depths and had no doubts who the father was.

The girl has perception,” Morael commented.

It can be handled,” Muriel said. “It'll be easier to spend time on earth in a human form anyway,” she added. The women studied the children, knowing instinctively that their father was a fallen.

I wonder if its such a coincidence the elders asked you to assist,” Muriel said, seeing her contemplative expression. She clenched her jaw, wanting to repeat some of the words Morael had used earlier. Instead she turned and walked away.

I thought you were going to assist us?” Muriel asked, making the woman stop mid-step. She gave a cold chuckle and half-turned to look at the angels.

I'm neutral. Always have been, always will be,” she replied. “I just wanted to see what all the fuss was about.” she shrugged, shoving her hands into her grey hoodie pockets. She shot them a one-sided contrite smile before she left.

The End

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