Hell: Chapter 1: Hello

I didn't want to trust him. But i had no choice, I had to find mum and Rodney.

I woke, sore and sweating. I looked around, where was i? HELP! I yelled, i shouldn't have. A tall, broad man entered the room wearing a grey jumpsuit. Hello. He said gruffly. Why and what am I doing here! I yelled furious. Heh! Chuckled the man quietly. What do you mean heh! I screamed at the top of my voice. Oh! Your not kidding! Your mom and rodney really never told you? He asked. No? What? I aksed wearily. That they are a danger to you, more so now because rodney is with you too. Look i can't tell you, i'm under strict orders, but you'll find out soon, I'm certain, Lily, I'm on your side, I want to help you, If i can. He explained sweetly. I couldn't help but trust him, he knew where mum and Rodney where, and I didn't.

The End

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