Being wrenched from your sleep to the sound of that irritating ring tone your best friend had set on your phone is never something that would put you in a good mood. To then find out that said friend needed you was something of a shock.

I drove like a maniac to get back to that house. On the way, I slowly woke up. Damien had sounded desparate on the phone and I could hear Leah screaming in the background. I swear I still hear that sound now. It sounded like someone was tearing at her very soul. Leah had always been so strong, it was like all of the pain she had suffered was pouring out in one tortured howl. I couldn't stand it and I dreaded to think what Damien had gone through to lead him to call me.

Damien opened the door, looking haggard and almost at breaking point. I went straight to her and thankfully, she eventually came around. Though horror was plain to see in her eyes, seeing them open was one of the most welcome sights I had seen in a long time.

I knew I sounded calmer than I felt when I spoke to them. The gratitude in Damien's eyes totally threw me, since before then we were on uneasy terms. Once Leah ahd calmed down, we all went downstairs. I made some hot drinks and we decided to finally talk everything out. Between them, they filled me in on what had happened and I added little incidents from when we were younger that Leah hadn't connected with it.

One phrase kept popping up, one that sent thrills of cold spiderwebbing across my skin; Hell came a callin'

The End

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