"LEAH!" I bellowed, finally grabbing hold of her shoulders, trying to shake her awake. But she still thrashed around, murmuring, then shouting snatches of the same stuff she had come out with before, about destrution and a tide of blood.

"Li, Leah.. Please. LEAH WAKE UP!!" I was yelling in panic. I had been trying to wake her for hours now, but she might as well have been dead.

"Leah..please." I sat back on my heels where I had been kneeling over her. She was still shouting, then screaming at someone to leave her alone. She yelled my name and my heart twisted painfully. I tried splashing water over her, I even slapped her face once, but she still wouldn't wake up.

"Leah.." I murmured, my heart breaking. I felt totally helpless as she curled up, murmuring then screaming. "No, no, no.. don't! Please. Don't.. LEAVE HIM ALONE! NO! DON'T HURT HIM. DAMIEN.. DAMIEN. OHGODPLEASE..." whatever else she was going to say dissolved into heart-wrenching sobs. Then, chillingly, the voice came through again.

"See now your beloved. See what we will do. Poor Leah. Watch as everything you love falls slowly into chaos. Dear Damien. Watch the world burn.."

Leah screamed again, choking out the voice. I couldn't tell if the words had been aimed at her or me but I was scared. In desperation, I grabbed her phone, the screen illuminating the room a little, scrolling down until Stephen's name was highlighted. My finger hovered over the 'call' button, fighting my pride and the desire to protect Leah, and the desperation to stop her pain at any cost.

"Fuckit." I said viciously, and stabbed down on the green button. He answered on the third ring, sounding as though I had woken him up.

"Wha-? Leah?"

"It's Damien." I said flatly, Leah murmuring beside me. "I need-"

I was cut off as Leah screamed again.

"Just get your ass here!" I yelled.

"What- was that Leah? Damien! Whats going on?" Stephen's words spilled out.

"Get over here!" I snarled, hanging up on him. I knew he would be here soon. There was no way he was going to leave after hearing her scream like that.

After what seemed like hours, there was a pounding on the door. When I went down to it, Stephen burst in.

"Whats going on? Where is she?" he demanded, looking wild.

"I can't wake her up." I replied, feeling totally hollow. "She just keeps screaming and crying.."

"Show me."

I nodded, leading him to the room. I stood in the door as Stephen took in the scene, then calmly walked over  to her. He bent over, murmuring in her ear. When she thrashed around, he took her arms gently, but firmly in his hands, never letting up. Slowly, she calmed down. She relaxed, finally slipping into a deeper sleep. I went and crouched next to her, brushing the hair from her face, my hands shaking. Stephen backed away, standing where I had been.

"Thank you." I said, looking him in the eye properly. "Thank you so much."

Stephen and I sat in a tense silence until a weak morning light crept across the floor. Leah slept quietly, undisturbed until the light hit her in the face. She stirred, her eyes flickering open. She rolled over, then sat up hurriedly when she noticed I wasn't there.

"Damien?" She said, a bewildered fear on her face and in her voice. She relaxed when she saw me sat at the end of the bed. I went over to her, putting my arms around her in silence.

"Whats the matter hon?" her voice was muffled by my shoulder as she hugged me back. Suddenly she tensed as she saw Stephen.

"What-?" She pulled away from me, looking at me with questions in her eyes.

"Li, you were screaming in your sleep... I couldn't wake you up. I didn't know what else to do, Leah." Even I could hear my voice crack with tiredness and I clenched my jaw to prevent tears coming to my eyes. I was completely exhausted, terrified for her and at a total loss as to what to do.

She just looked at me for a long time, sitting in complete silence.

"Leah he's right. He called me because there was no one else." Stephen said in a calm voice. "Don't be mad at him, the state you were in... I don't blame him for calling someone. And I'm suprised he lasted as long as he did."

I looked at him gratefully, then focused my attention back to Leah. Her gaze was fixed in the distance.

"I'm scared." she whispered, barely moving her lips. Her eyes then found mine and they were tourtured. "Damien, I'm so scared." Leah then threw herself on me, clinging on, sobbing desperately.

The End

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