Leah: NightmaresMature

"Hell came a callin' tonight. Your time is short. You cannot run. Your kind will leave on a tide of blood and chaos and we shall relish your destruction. You have dismissed our warnings as mere nightmares for too long. Now your species will pay the price."

Hell came a callin'... now you will pay the price Leah. Lovely Li. Lovely, Loopy Leah. You will go mad. We will show you the end and watch as it breaks you. Watch everyone you love burn Leah. Watch them scream in agony and know you could have warned them. You know we are real. We show you the future. Prepare for the bloodbath, darling, its not the end of the world now. But you can see it clear.

The voices fade and in the dark images rise....

The lake was still red, but this was no reflection. A stain spread. Air that has once been rent with screams lay heavy, cracked and parched. Once rolling green lawns lie burned and stained. The ground is churned up, torn in places. Deep cracks spiderweb across desert-lik terrain. A tree, once proud, lies blasted and blackened. Smells of burning, decay, death. The sky, which had been so beautiful, its myriad of blues, sunsets and storms now frozen in a sickly red, the clouds like weeping sores. The sun flickers weakly, barely touching the ground.  The cruel vista is both that which once was, its beauty still whispering; and that which it has become, its horror screaming out for the world to see. Except the world lies echoing. The silence is deafening, the noises of life stilled, save for the otherworldly calls of them.

The images fade again to black. The voices whisper to her again.

You are the one who has seen. You hold the key. Poor little Li. Li has the Key. Its in your mind and in your dreams. But silly little Li. You are too frightened to see. Little Li the heart is the key.

The End

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