Damien: Cleaning up.Mature

I didn't really want to hang around watching Stephen and Leah and it wasn't just because it felt like intruding. I was worried about Leah, how this might affect her, but I trusted Stephen enough that he wouldn't do anything with his dead girlfriend in the room. And I trusted Leah enough to not do anything at all.

Jealousy is cruel. And this is even crueller.

I organised people into rooms and made phonecalls. About half an hour later, the ploice had arrived, taking statements and checking out stories. I walked around keeping people calm, clearing up where I could. Rory was with me, helping out, not saying much. He'd had a thing for Hannah but they had been good friends and he hadn't wanted to risk that. I felt pretty bad for him, but I couldn't think what to say either.

"How are they doing?" he said, nodding over to the room where Stephen and Leah were together, being questioned. I had told her to stay with him, although I was burning up inside.

I pulled a face in reply.

"Stephen is with Leah.. I dunno whats going on." I tried to keep the frustration out of my voice. She was my fiance. I should be there with her. But I had to step back. As much as I hated to admit it, Stephen was better qualified to be there than I was. I had hardly known Hannah. She was always a friend of a friend. She was a lovely girl but I hadn't had the time to know her. Now, I wished I had-for Leah's sake.

"Hang in there yeah?" Rory said, looking distracted.

"Look are you alright?" I replied. "I mean.. with everything thats happened?"

He laughed sarcastically. "Nothing anyone can do is there? Just got to get over it now." 

"Yeah well you're always welcome here." I hoped he would know what I meant there.

"Yeah. Thanks." With that, he walked off. I was left stranded in the middle of the room, unsure of what to do or say. Everyone was sorted pretty much. I paced around, wanting to know what was going on with Leah and Stephen. I hadn't seen them since I left them in that room together. I glanced to the door, now crossed over with 'CRIME SCENE-DO NOT CROSS!' tape.

Things had already changed enough.

I knew we should have done a quiet night in together. This is a total horror show. And that thing with Leah.. That was not normal. Then Hannah in bits in one of the rooms. She wasn't even meant to be here yet. What the hell is taking the police so long? I want Leah.

Finally the door opened and the pair of officers walked out.

"We will keep you informed Mr...?" one of them said

"Just Damien thanks." I said, "I hate standing on show.. Can I see my fiance now?"

"Yes, yes of course, the forensics team shouldn't be too much longer and we will be back tomorrow to finish off. The people can go home after then."

"Okay, fine. Thanks." I replied, automatically, although I was already moving to the door. Stephen came out first, looking completely devastated. He seemed to have lost all of his presence. The sight of him like that was a huge shock, since normally he was lively, cracking jokes and acting the fool as though nothing touched him. All the life seemed to have gone from him and he walked slumped, his eyes glazed over. One of his arms was draped losely over Leah's shoulder.

Leah looked totally drained. There was no other word to describe it. She had clearly been crying, as had Stephen, but she had the same glazed-over expression as he did. Her head hung down, one of her hands holding Stephen's lightly.

"Leah." I said going swiftly over to her. She didn't register.

"Leah." I repeated urgently, putting my hands on either side of her face. She had separated from Stephen. Slowly her gaze came up to my face. For a second, she looked totally lost. Then she closed her eyes, hugging me tightly.

"I love you." She said, very quietly. I kissed the top of her head.

"I love you too Li. I'm not going anywhere."

The End

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