Leah: A BlowMature

"It's okay, it going to be okay, I'm here, it's okay."

Damien muttered into my hair like a prayer but I barely heard him. My mind was screaming, the image of what was lying by Stephen burned into my retina.

Hannah. Hannah can't be gone. Not now. It's too cruel. She can't be.. It can't be happening.. all that blood. Her face..

Hannah was lying in the middle of the room, her face a mask of perfect horror. There was a smear of blood on one cheek, but the rest of her face was beautiful as always, her makeup still in place, her dark hair splayed out behind her. Her eyes stared at the ceiling blankly. The sweeps and splashes of red that decorated the walls were reflected there. Her arms and legs were flung to the corners of the room. Literally. The main part of her body was left in tatters from where the bottom of her ribcage gleamed dimly in the lamplight.  The remains of her top hung from her neck by a silk halterneck tie.

I bet she looked beautiful when she arrived. I never got to see her...

I finally looked up at Stephen from where Damien held me and my heart went out to him. He looked so lost. He had loved Hannah more than anything and I remembered before he had finally got up the courage to ask her out that he would text me practically every other day, telling me he'd dreamed about her, or what he'd been talking to her about or mentioning her in someway. He was completely devoted though, incredibly loving and loyal. In fact, he was her best friend as much as mine, they just had added...benefits.

"Stephen." I said, very quietly, my vioce cracking.

He looked up, eyes wild and unseeing. I went over to him and just put my arms around him. Finally he stopped screaming, put his head on my shoulder and just cried. I looked at Damien in the mirror opposite and he nodded slightly before leaving the room. He understood. I heard him yelling, organising the people outside and ordering a phone. There were some calls to be made.

The End

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