Damien: BlackoutMature

I could see Leah standing with Stephen in the corridor. She had her hand on the door handle and the way the light caught her made her eyes sparkle.

She's so beautiful.

I saw her smile and look up at Stephen and I felt a sudden bolt of jealousy shoot through me. Although she had always laughed the rumours off, I noticed Stephen never did. But he was the one who had defended me the loudest when some of Leah's friends had kicked off.

She loves you, fool. Stop being paranoid and go talk to her. You're getting married for fuck's sake! Why would she do that if she was going to run off with her best mate? Not to mention Stephen and Hannah are together.. and going pretty good as well.

I shook my head, and Rory came over, started to speak. Then everything went black.

I heard a couple of girls, one of them definitely Jess, scream and a couple of the guys cursed.

"Damien! What's going on?" Leah yelled, sounding a little tense.

"Power cut I think," I yelled back, trying to sound calm. "Stay where you are, I'm coming over okay?"

"Okay." She called back, her voice sounding smaller. I knew she hated the dark because of the nightmares. I could see people getting out cell phones for light.

Thank god for modern technology. I couldn't help thinking with a sense of irony. I could still here people screaming, although they were quieting down now. I got to Leah somehow with Rory right behind me. I reached for her and encountered Stephen's hand on her waist.

"Hey dude, that's my fiancé you have there." I growled before I could stop myself.

"Damien.. I know. I also happen to know Leah hates the dark and I was giving her a hug." he replied calmly.

Leah said nothing, instead I felt her hug me tightly. Then she muttered "Cool it you two. I'm fine."

I heard Stephen blow out a breath frustratedly, but he didn't comment. I held Leah for a moment, then took her hand firmly.

"We need to get the generators going.. Rory, you coming with us?" I pointedly didn't ask Stephen, still peeved slightly.

"Yeah, why not? Nothing better to do." Rory replied.

"Stephen?" Leah said quietly "Come with us.." she said the last bit with a slight question in her voice, making her sound very young. I hugged her again.

" 'Course I am. Not going 'till I know you're okay Leah. And Hannah's not due to arrive for a while so got nothing else to occupy me." he chuckled slightly and Leah giggled. I shook my head in response. Their 'polluted mind' jokes seemed just a tad juvenile to me.. but at that point I was both grateful and annoyed that Stephen had made Leah relax a little.

"Follow me." I declared smartly, earning me a nudge in the ribs from Leah.

"Sod." She teased.

"Sue me." I replied smartly, getting another nudge for my trouble. I laughed. I could hear Rory and Stephen talking behind us. In the dark I rolled my eyes. Basketball. They played on the same team, whenever they were together, all they could talk about was 'alley oops' and blocks and whatnot. Personally I'd rather watch. Leah tensed again by my side then suddenly stopped.


"Hell came a callin' tonight. Your time is short. You cannot run. Your kind will leave on a tide of blood and chaos and we shall relish your destruction. You have dismissed our warnings as mere nightmares for too long. Now your species will pay the price."

Her voice had changed to that of a male, but somehow managed to sound like tearing flesh at the same time. I flinched, as I sensed the others did too. I felt a hollow chill in my stomach. Warnings? Nightmares? Species? It seemed like a stupid prank...but when Leah collapsed with a faint sigh I knew something really fucked up was going on.

I lurched forward as she fell, and both Stephen and I caught her before she could hit the floor. His cell clattered to the floor, illuminating his face. He was pale.

"What the hell was that?" he said in a low voice.

I shook my head. "We need to get her lying down and we need some goddam LIGHTS!"

As though someone had heard me, the lights snapped on again. We barely had time to breathe a sigh of relief when a fresh volley of screams broke out.

"OH MY GOD!! SHES...OH GOD!" I could hear someone being violently sick next door and others screaming incoherent nonsense. I heard Hannah's name and Stephen's head snapped up.

"FUCK! HANNAH?! HANNAH!! OH SHITOHSHITOHSHITOHSHI-" the rest of the scream was cut short. A wet splatter informed me that it was bad.

"Steve.." I barely got the word out when he nodded and got up, running through.

"WHERE IS SHE" I heard him bellow, then he was screaming her name over and over. Then he was just screaming.

Leah stirred. "What happened?" she asked quietly, and then sat up abruptly, face pale.

"Stephen?" she got up and I followed her as she ran to him. I tried not to see that I would definitely be needing new carpets here.

"OHMYFUCKINGGODNOHANNAH!!PLEASEGODNOTHERPLEASEOHFUCKHANNAH" Leah screamed and she ran into the room, sobbing violently. By this point I felt like I had swallowed a lead weight. Stephen also was in the room, hidden from my sight. I could hear him yelling still but I had tuned him out. I ran the last couple of meters, turning into the room. The sight that greeted me hit me like a steam train. I walked swiftly over to Leah and grabbed her in a rough hug.

"It's okay, it going to be okay, I'm here, it's okay." I muttered constantly into her hair, burying my face there as she clung to me like she was drowning. The metallic smell of blood was choking. I could feel the weight of Hannah's eyes accusing us from where she was. I ignored it, holding Leah as tight as I could. Nothing else mattered at that moment.

The End

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