Leah; PartytimeMature

As embarrasing as it was to have Damien kiss me in front of everyone-he never was this affectionate in public-it was nice to finally have him show me off to everyone. I was touched deeply by Rory's support, not just because it meant that, after a long period of silence from him, there were no hard feelings but also because it meant that Rory accepted me. It mattered a lot to me that Rory seemed to think I was good enough for Damien. He was Damien's bestfriend and I knew how much Rory's silence had hurt him. It was good to see them talking again, and Damien's smile, the thing that had first attracted me to him, had a new life to it. His eyes glittered in the lights and I could tell that at this moment, he was happy.

I sat a little apart from the main group, talking with my best friend Stephen. He had stayed with me the whole time, when a lot of my old friends had abandoned me, writing off Damien as 'bad news'. It meant a lot to me that he was here now, since the vast majority of my friends had made some kind of excuse. The house tonight would be filled mostly with Damien's friends, who had mostly all accepted me without a fuss. Stephen put his arm around me.

"You alright?" he said, smiling "You've gone all quiet again."

I laughed softly. "Just thinking about the others. I wish Hannah at least could have come. Hannah had been my best girl mate and was also Stephen's girlfriend. She didn't like Damien a huge amount, but she had to miss the meal because of some family thing.

"She'll be here tonight" Stephen replied, giving my shoulders a squeeze. "She wanted to be here now but you know..."

I put my head on his shoulder. "Yeah I know." I replied quietly, sighing. Jess came over suddenly, laughing.

"Stephen, shes a taken woman now!" she giggled, plopping herself down beside me. "You missed your chance!"

We both laughed, although I noticed Stephen did take his arm away. "Shame." he joked. There was a look in his eye I didn't like too much.

"Come on!" Jess yelled, bouncing to her feet again, "People have started arriving, and Damien wants help with the music."

"You go ahead Jess," I said, "We'll catch up in a sec."

"You'd better!" she said over her shoulder, as she walked off. I grinned, shaking me head at her. She always had way too much energy, but she was great fun to be around.

"You okay, Stephen?" I said, since he had an odd look on his face. He looked up, his expresssion clearing. "Yeah I'm fine, lets go."

I let him go in front of me as we went to find Damien. I realised he was a stunningly good-looking guy, and he had a brilliant personality. People had always joked that Stephen and I should have gotten together, but I always laughed them off, especially since Damien. I smiled, feeling lucky to have such a hot bestfriend. Some poeple would do anything for a good story.

Suddenly, music came pouring out from a room down the corridor.

"Partytime." I grinned, looking up at Stephen.

Then all the lights cut out.

The End

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