I loved it when Damien acted like this, loving and protective. He would tease me, but at the same time hold me as though letting me out of his reach was the hardest thing he had to do. We were enjoyingoour last day of freedom before we were invaded by the hoards of well-wishers for our engagement party. Damiens house was huge, and all of the rooms, except for his, would be open ot the revellers. That night passed without event for a change. I was glad of a good nights sleep since I wouldnt be sleeping at all the next day-hopefully.

The next day, people began arriving around midday for a meal before things really got under way. It was good seeing al of our friendsa together, the people we loved the most all in one space. There were plenty of photos, rude jokes and odd little ancedotes flying around the table, everyone dressed in their best party gear for the night ahead. The combined effect of the company and the good food (prepared by Damien's chef) was incredible, acting like a tonic. The nightmares I had been plagued with seemed stupid, like a childeren's horror movie. And when Damien made his speech about our engagement, finishing by kissing me in front of everyone there, it was as though nothing bad could ever exsist. A perfect moment

The End

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