I was never happier than when I was with Leah. Her slender body fit perfectly with mine and she was so incredibly beautiful, inside and out. She was gentle and caring but had a kind of fiery mischief that made her funny and fiercely loving. If someone she loved was in trouble in any way she would fight until they were safe. I loved the way she could be feirce and gentle at the same time. Most people could not see the gentle loving side of her. They mostly saw the fire. I was the onely one who could see who vulnerable she really was. The nights she woke up screaming... I didn't know how she had dealt with it on her own. I would hear her wake some nights, and cry softly for hours, hoping that she hadn't woken me up. The nights she woke up screamng, at least I could hold her then. I wanted to destroy anything that dared to hurt her, but how was I meant to protect her from her own mind?

I was watching Leah now as she moved around my kitchen. She moved with such an unconcious grace. She didn't even know she was beautiful. Even the purple smudges under her eyes didn't mar her beauty. I went over to her, hugging her from behind.

"You ok Li?" I said lightly kissing her. She murmured something, leaning back on me and sighing. I turned her round to look into her stunning blue eyes.

"They are just dreams. I don't care you woke me up again, and I love you more-so don't bother arguing."

She gave me a tiny smile. I let go of her and walked to the door. "Lets go for a swim."

I watched her think about it, her eyes still clouded with unhappiness. She turned her back on me to look out of the window. I silently crept up behind her and grabbed her from behind. She screamed then began to laugh.

"Damien, let go" she giggled, pushing gently at my arms.

"Nope." I siad grinning, "Not.Until.You.Cheer.Up" Each word was punctuated with a kiss. She turned to look at me mock-reproachful

She pouted prettily and I shook my head in a maddening way. She shoved me over and we mock wrestled. It ended up with me braced over her. Leah was flat on her back, streched out underneath me, her hair all mussed and her face slightly flushed. I kissed her deeply, and she returned it finally. She smiled slowly when I pulled away.

"Thats better." I murmured, then kissed her again.

This girl means everything to me.

I didn't know how hard it would be to loose her.

The End

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