Hell Came A Callin'Mature

If you have read Darren Shan's Demonata, the creatures are based on these. Gory, contains strong violence, language and mature themes throughout.


We were on his massive king-size bed, just talking. I was leaning against Damien's chest, as he leaned against the headboard. There was a movie on, but we weren't really watching. The windows looked over the vast grounds, the lake stained red and purple. It was a beautiful summer evening My engagement ring glittered in the fading light. He had proposed only hoursbefore, but we had hardly spent any time apart for weeks. He brushed my ink-black hair from my face, kissing me on the cheek. His silver lipring against my skin sent shivers through me. I turned, my lips finding his He deepened the kiss. We ended up tangled on the floor a while later, Damien braced on his knees over me, his band t-shirt discarded by the wardrobe. We were both slightly out of breath.

"I'm going to have to watch that" he purred, his lips tracing my collarbone, sending electric chills over my skin everywhere he touched me. I tilted his chin up so that his brilliant green eyes looked into mine. I smiled, a hint of mischief tracing my lips.

"Not for much longer." I said, running my hands down his bare chest. He growled deep in his throat, the silver circ he wore (a match to my own) swinging between us. I put my hands on either side of his face and kissed him again. He pulled away after a while. I moaned slightly.

"You have to save something for the wedding night." he grinned wickedly.

That was what I loved about Damien, his wicked grin. The fact he had an amazing body and loved me to the end of the world and back helped too. I tweaked his nose gently. "Let me up."

He chuckled slightly, shifting to let me sit up. He stayed stretched out, propped up on one elbow. We stayed like that for hours, talking and sitting in comfortable silence. I ended up falling alseep in his arms again, his face buried in my hair. As I slipped into dreams I couldn't help thinking how perfect this was.

The lake was still red, but this was no reflection. There was a fresh volley of screams and Leah whipped around to see a horde of terrified people who had been taking refuge in the house break out of a ground-floor window, persude by droves of hellish, ravening demons. The two groups tore past Leah, as though she was a ghost. The demons caught the people easily, part way to the lake. She watched as the people were torn to shreds before her eyes. She tried to scream but no sound came from her mouth. The air smelt coppery and rancid. The sky was turning ashen grey.

"Leah!" a voice roars to her. She turns, seeing Damien. A group of demons is after him. Again her voice fails her. She tries to run towards him, but can't, she can only watch. They move as in slow motion, but it could only have been seconds. The lead demon leaps, catching Damien a glancing blow to his foot. Not enough to hurt him too badly, but it knocks him to the ground. Instantly, the demons are there, tearing and snarling. Theres a sickening sound of flesh being ripped from bones. There is a series of cracks as his bones break under their bloodlust. Blood seeps from between the various forms of feet that surround Damien. Still Leah cannot scream or move. Yet Damien, somehow, still screams again and again. The sounds of his horror is gut-wrenching. He howls once again, and finally is cut of in a strangled gurgle as he chokes on his own blood. Leah sees the whole thing, yet she is unable to mve at all as the demons, covered in Damien's blood, turn as one to face her. They stalk forward. Once chuckles darkly. There is a scrap of Damien's flesh hanging from its jaw, which is like a human's only distorted so that there is a dog-like snout protruding. The lead demon, a different one this time, leaps forward. Leah cannot even hold her arms up as it collides with her. The last thing she sees are the claws coming away from her midriff, trailing her innards after.

"LEAH!" Damien yells, shaking me. I scream as he wraps me in a tight hug. When I come to my senses, I cling to him desparately, sobbing.

"Its okay LiLi" he said, using my pet name "I'm here. I won't let anything happen. It was just a nightmare. You were dreaming again"

It felt so real.

I was shaking badly, and all I could do was cling onto Damien, buring my face in his chest. Most nights I suffered from these dreams, always about demons and destruction. When I started dating Damien, he often featured, frequently being ripped apart before my eyes. Damien knew about the dreams (I kept the part about him out) but neither of us could figure what was causing them. The only good thing was that Damien seemed determined to stay with me.

Paradise wasn't as perfect as it might have seemed.

The End

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