The Fury

He really wished for a smoke now, so he did not pay much attention when a small, shriveled demon approached him, rambling on about scratched vanity chest, missing handle, some such nonsense. Dick generously gave him half a glance and a casual "buyer beware" remark and thought the matter over. He started to turned to the next in line, when the small demon screeched and grabbed his sleeve. "I can not return to my mistress without a replacement!" He whined. "Then she better complain to the management," growled Dick and showed the demon out of the way. The demon crushed in a vintage chair then run away, wailing. Dick quickly forgot the incident and spent the rest of his shift discussing advantages of lemon polish, all the while thinking about to the poker game with Ba’al and the guys. If Moloch shows up tonight, he better not cheat. And Dick better remembers to pick a pack of smokes beforehand.

It was five minutes to the closing time when the door blew open. Literally. Glass and splinters flew in, followed by a gust of smoke. "And I can’t have a cigarette in here…why?" thought Dick disconnectedly, pulling the shard of glass out of his earlobe, when the cause of the explosion strode in.

Six feet tall, be-winged and be-fanged, Tisiphone was a sight to behold. The fury moved slowly, knowing that all eyes are on her, and enjoying the show. Dick caught his breath, and tried hard not to slobber – the redhead demon was clad only in her serpents. Slithering wigglies did nothing to strategicaly cover her body and Dave had to use all he’s got to pull his eyes up and meet fury's gaze.

"Sssso you’re the one who attacked my ssservant" she stated in a low sultry voice, soft Ss hissing. "You must be very brave…" Tisiphone extended her finger, letting a long scarlet nail draw a line along Dick’s jaw."Or very stupid"

The End

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