The boredomMature

Hell.. A place with torture and personal hell's.... Everyone is bored and the angels will kick their ass so they cant go to earth....

Heaven is bored.... God is bored so he put angels into the earth out of boredom....

Jesus is bored...... He returned to his vessel and roamed earth...

Kain the first demon is bored...... Adam is bored... Eve is bored...

Zues is bored

Kratos is bored...

I am bored..... So I decided to &@$& an angel.

What will happen to this boredo

Spring break has started and here I am in this world... 


What is this? A stranger knocks at my door. Who could it be? 

I walked to the door and opened it and it WAS a stranger. 

"Who are you?" I questioned. 

The female had long red hair with lime green eyes. Of course its anime so she had a fit body. 

"My name is Majestica(My friend made that name.), and I am to be your gaurdian angel. 

"What? Just tell me who you are. You don't have to lie." 

"But I have told you who and what I am. I am afraid I have nothing left to tell you... God has sent angels down not only to protect this world but to meet new people." 

"God wont do that. For an angel to meet a human? Do you know how sinful that is?" 

"He's done this out of boredom and is planning on destroying the world." 


I started to scream running all over the place for a breif second literally and stopped. "Eh, im over it. So what you wanna do?" 

"Im not quite sure. May you tell me about yourself?" 

"Oh wait. Angels don't have emotions do they? Neither do they get tired or have the need to use the bathroom or get hungry. Angels arent even a gender. If you are an angel the show me your wings." 

"Im afraid that my wings are not visible to the human eye." 

"Im too bored to be non gullable and to spell right so the subtitles are all fucked up sometimes." 

"Hm?" She hummed tilting her head, "Why must you have subtitles when you are speaking the language of the words below the screen?" 



"Yes my grammer is fucked up now love me your pretty." 


"Does God even care about his people anymore?" 

"He is rapturing us in 5 months." 

"WHAAAAAAAAAAAA???!!!! im over it. So we can do sins? Kill people?" 

She shook her head," To stop sins." 


"By the touch of a hand from an angel." 

"Dont touch me then." 

"It has to be where your brain is" 

"Oh. Then touch me." 

She blinks. 

A man flew in through the window in my house causing me to not do anything. He was black. Im too bored to describe him. 

"Hey Asa." I greeted. 

"Ju!!!" he said happily as he got up, "I just got an angel as my gaurdian!" 

"No shit. I did too." I said before resting on my beautiful angel. 

I would write more but I have to go

The End

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