Her name was Helena, nothing else just HELENA. She was my sin, she brought me down to my knees, she was my existence yet she disgraced my existence. Helena made everything in the world make sense, nobody could or will ever replace my Helena.

My name is Andy, Andy Le Selleur. I am 45 years old, blissfuly married with two children. Matt is 17 and Joy is 9 years old. My wife, Eva and I have been married for 20 years. Eva was very close to her parents, however her father hated me, to this day i am still trying to find the reason why that was the case. My father in law felt that a teacher is not a profession, its not good enough and hence you cant support your family. Never mind that i worked at a private school and i was the headmaster, he hated my guts regardless of what profession i would have chosen.

My work was very busy at one particular term, our marriage started to suffer and my wife took decided that we needed some time away from the city and concentrate on our marriage and relax...........good idea, except that we were going to stay with her parents for a whole 2 weeks. Now you can image the delight in my face when she told me that she had gone ahead arrnaged the trip without consulting me first. Now if that wasnt enough she decided to bring her best friend daughter (who by the way i have not met yet) along with us on holiday. Oh perfect, i will stay in a place where her parents hate my guts and got some stranger coming to join us for our summer holidays.. i cant wait. 

The End

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