Hegemon Quest- Free Worlds

Back from the grave and much more amazing, Hegemon Quest is here! Take control of a world, nation, galaxy, or whatever else you can think of, and rule it for good or for evil. That is, if you like power. Write as a soldier or civilian, too, and bring large- scale events to life on personal level.

Hegemon Quest is named after the ultimate Earthly position of power in the book Ender's Game. The idea is to achieve power throughout the universe by political, economic, and militaristic means. Start as a nation, world, solar system, Galaxy, or anything else you can come up with, or serve under a ruler In what I hope will one day be the biggest collab on Protag. Check out the original Hegemon Quest from my works for some reference, and go wild!

But before you do that, or post at all, post a comment to me stating your side- good or evil? Ill update the guidance with your name and affiliation. Remember, people on one side don't have to like each other!

Sometime once you've decided you like this collab, please get all of your friends to join as well. 'Universe is a little lonely. Happy writing!

The End

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