Fran and JorgeMature

One day Jorge brought Fran home and Fran was very nice to me, scratching me and patting my sides and rubbing my tummy when I rolled over.  I thought I would like this human.  I thought Fran was just visiting my human, Jorge though, so when Fran was still there the next day and the next I knew Fran was Jorge's own human.

Fran carried on being nice the next few days, and then Jorge was going away for a long time every day, and then Fran started not to be nice.  I  went up to Fran when my bowl was empty and this human made a loud noise with her mouth, like angry barking,and I didn't like it.  It made me afraid, and I was hungry too.  I had to wait until my human came back and gave me food.

Another day, Jorge was away for a long time, even when it was dark.  I wanted a walk and I was running round, because I couldn't tell Fran I wanted to go out.  Fran made the loud noise again.   Fran was sitting down drinking some red water that smelled funny.  I did not think I would like to drink this water.

Then I was so ashamed, because I made a big puddle on the floor when I couldn't go out.  Well,  Fran really started making the loud noise really loud this time pushed my nose into my own puddle, which was not nice and made me feel sad and scared. 

Fran put me in the cold water room and I was very sad then.  I wanted Jorge to come back and tell Fran not to do that.  Fran was Jorge's human.  Fran would have to do what Jorge said.

When Jorge came back I was let out of the cold water room and I was so happy to see my human.  I jumped up and played with Jorge.  Jorge was happy to see me too, I think.  Then I think Fran told Jorge about the puddle.  Jorge started to make the loud noise too, then, but not as loud or scary as Fran.

I wish Fran would go.  If Jorge wants to have a human, I think it should be a better one.  But I can't make Jorge see what I think.

The End

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