Hector & JorgeMature

I am a dog. My name is Hector. My humans' name is Jorge. It likes the cold room where the water runs. I do not like that room, for that is where my human wets me with it. However the cold bowl gives me water to drink, so in some way I like it. I like those colorful chunks of what I beleive was steak at one point. My human is wasteful and wears them on its naked paws. Jorge barks at me when I chew them. Waste not.

I live in a house with two roommates. My own human Jorge, and its' human, which I Think is named Fran. Fran likes to go in tho cold water room with Jorge. Jorge likes this as well. 

I love Jorge. Jorge loves me. Jorge takes me for walks, feeds me french food, scratches me and Throws things for me. I, in return protect Jorge. My human is my duty. I will not allow things to happen to Jorge. Jorge saved me.

You see, I lived before in a very dark cold room. It was below humans, who did not do for me what Jorge does. I had no french food, no collar of my own, no scratching for my itchy things. I had no walking. But one day Jorge was there! I was so grateful, I vowed not to leave my savior.

My human Jorge and I had not been seperated all the way up until Fran came along. I think Fran saved Jorge in some way, because my human had a human of its own now! Never seperate, how peculiur.

There is something about Fran I do not agree with, but Jorge trusts Fran so I will stick by my human's decision.

The End

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