Heavenly Rejection: Adam

Lucifer kept a rather close eye on his fathers ministrations on the little blue planet that he himself had made some lovely reptiles to enjoy. He so enjoyed reptiles, he didn't know why.

His father made a stunningly simple yet wonderful garden in the centre of a barren waste land. Waterfalls, thousands of types of trees and insects and birds and fish, mountains, fjords. Lucifer adored fjords, they were his speciality. But his dad had done a passable job, he thought.

In it he also put a single tree, with a crisp and luscious flower which would later become known as apples. No one was ever meant to touch this tree. Lucifer didn't often question his father. In the time before anyone thought of keeping record of that kind of thing, he'd only done it once and that was to give his brothers free will.

But it gnawed at his nerves. Why bother making a tree no one was supposed to enjoy?

God invited his boys to come and have a look, and they all obliged in less than a sparrows heartbeat. His brothers were politlely impressed, but Lucifer had come to know them so well that he knew this meant, "It's not Heaven. Can I go back to work?"

Only Lucifer shared his fathers love of almost pointless life. Life had a point, it was to exist, and to keep existing no matter what happened, but his brothers didn't feel the same way. They wanted everything to bow to them and their father. Trying to get a multi-limbed underwater-tree dweller with no vocal chords to say something nice about their dad was one of their favourite pass-times.

When his brothers were leaving, Lucifer and Raphael decided to stay. Raphael was Lucifers favourite, being his first brother, but he never let anyone else know about it. Raphael shared Lucifers ideas about life, but only to a point. Everything should try to survive...in order to praise Dad.

The two brothers talked for time beyond time about life, the universe and everything. Being the eldest, Lucifer teased his brother for having such a narrow point of view on such things. Being the second eldest, Raphael would tell him to shutup and they would wrestle.

They looked around the Garden, which they decided should be called Eden, and thought everything here was so magnificent. It should be enjoyed by something. They suggested this to Dad, who nodded and went to work.

God used the barest of material to create the beings, formally known as humans. Calcium, iron, zinc; you know the kinds of building blocks necessary for basically anything worthwhile.

The first attempts at fusing the flesh to the skeletal scaffold were...truly horrendous. Bits would droop and drip into a messy puddle, everything like some horride candle. God grew tired of this, and so picked up and handful of clay and moulded it to what he thought he looked like, and his sons. Bugger it, he thought, annoyed. When the clay model stood before him, he simply changed the clay into all the required bits to make it work.

God named him Adam.

Raphael didn't think much of Adam. All it did was breathe and walk around. He couldn't make stars or planets, he and who-ever came after him would never get to see the wonders his Dad and brothers had spent how-ever-long creating. It would never know Heaven. All around, he felt it was not one of Dad's best work.

But he was glad to see something he'd never seen before. Raphael bade his father and brother good bye and returned to the universe at large. God also left after that, to go take a rest. Six days of effort from a being that physically creates  all time must surely be quite tiring. Before he left he made some more of the little people and dumped them outside the gates of Eden. Just to see what would happen.

"Just don't," God said sternly, "let him touch the apple tree."

Lucifer was fascinated by the man. He took the form of a bejewelled snake and followed him around the garden. The little man got to know the birds and the trees, talking with them all. Pigs were the best conversationalists. Even Lucifer was drawn into a debate regarding truffles with a bunch of them. Adam got to know Eden better than even Lucifer. The two became quite good friends in his snake form.

When he showed his true form to Adam, Adam was suitably impressed and terrified. Lucifer immediately switched to human form for him, not wanting to frighten the poor man.

"Who are you?" Asked Adam, bewildered.

"My name is Lucifer," he replied humbly.

"Pleasure to meet you, sir." Adam did a funny thing with his back, called a bow. Lucifer had never liked bowing.

"Don't do that," he said shivering.

"Sorry, oh great one," Adam said, his eyes toward the ground.

Lucifer was perplexed, he had never acted like this when he was a snake. "Why are you speaking so oddly?"

"Please! Forgive me for not speaking with the correct tone of reverence!" Adam said, cowering.

Lucifer felt like shouting, but knew it would garner the attention of Dad. "Adam would you stop, please? Why are you acting so strangely?" He walked up to Adam and lifted his face so their eyes met. "Tell me."

"Well...I just feel it fitting. You are far and away God's greatest creation in the garden...I have to thank and praise him and yourself." Adam said, not without confidence.

Lucifer was dismayed with his father and for the first time in his existence felt pity. God had made this little man to live in this garden, but he would never be able to enjoy it for its beginnings. He would simply walk around the earth looking at wonders that took billions of years to perfect, "Oh! God is so wonderful," when he looked at a Red Dwarf or a shooting star.

He was at a loss as to what to do about it. He finally calmed Adam down to a point where Adam would look him in the eyes, but kept adding sir to the end of everything. Lucifer asked Adam if there was anything he wanted.

Adam spoke without hesitation or forethought, "I want some company. Some company equal to my stature, sir."

"Equal to your stature?" Lucifer asked, confused.

"I want another me, but some one who isn't me. Some one who is like me in a few ways, but different to me in other ways." Lucifer agreed and got Adam to model for him while he gathered some clay. If this work was going to exist in a world made by God, it was going to have to be perfect.

He toiled for years, carefully scultping every curve, every bump, every eyelash, the way hair would lie. Finally he stepped back from her, Adam looked on, nervously. Lucifer breathed life into Eve, the first sentient being he had ever created.

She blinked and looked around, amazed by what she saw, while Adam was thanking Lucifer over and over again. Lucifer tried not to take any notice of him, but when someone is shaking your shoulders, over joyed, this is difficult.

"What have you done?" God said, putting a firm hand on Lucifer's shoulder.

"I made my cousin a friend, father," Lucifer said sheepishly, only now realising he'd forgotten to ask for permission.

God nodded, looking her up and down, "Decent enough. Not as good as mine," he turned and smiled at Adam, who had flung himself to the ground along side Eve, saying praises and thank-yous over and over in a hushed tone.

Lucifer bit back a retort. He was going to chide his father for saying that, technically speaking they were as close to the same as you could get without being identical.

"I hope it pleases you never-the-less father," he said, tilting his head.

"It does. But you missed something terribly important," God said gravely walking to Eve who was still standing elegantly, watching the two speaking. He touched her on the head and her eyes went out of focus. Then she joined Adam on the ground, praise spewing from her mouth.

Lucifer felt a new feeling as God left. Something he had never even known existed before this second.

He felt anger.

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