Heavenly Rejection: Lucifer and the Father Make the Universe

The story of how Lucifer, the Morning Star, was cast down for challenging God, as interpreted by a complete and utter Athiest.

When God was bored, or feeling particularly creative, he would try his hand at creating actual beings. Somewhat un-fulfilled with the vast nebulaes, hydrogen molecules, gas-giants, a galaxy here, a white hole there. It never covered the sheer space of space. It felt empty, and cold.

His first were a marvel to him, who had been alone since what-ever-it-was began everything. He knew what it was, but he's never let on about it. They would speak, and follow him around the universe, or not, depending on your interpretation of his powers. He was Omni-everything, but he liked to walk to planets and sculpt the seas by hand and the like. He was a perfectionist in the purest sense.

After a hundred years or so he felt he'd heard everything they'd have to say, and he would use their remains to burst new stars to life, which made it feel like they weren't a complete waste of time. Then he would spend another picosecond darting about the place, making new planets and attempting to create plants and animals to make the universe feel more lived-in.

Then he made an Archangel, Lucifer. It was the first time he'd thought of a catagory, let alone a name for one of his creations which, considering his sheer omniness, was interesting. He gave him the name Lucifer because it was the first thing he thought of, and Lucifer thanked him profusely. The name meant Dawn-Bearer. Or it would later.

After a millenia this became tiresome in the most extreme sense, so he gave Lucifer a job to do. A get-out-of-my-hair and go-do-something-useful job.

Populate the universe.

Lucifer took to the idea like a duck, which God had not made yet, to water, which God had used quite sparingly in the universe by this stage. He knew Lucifer would not bother him until he called for him, which let him get to making his master-piece. He knew this because he had given Lucifer free will. When putting the handsome finishing touches upon his new aide, it popped into his mind, or what-ever he has, and decided to give it a go.

Lucifer loved living and growing things, he loved dying and shrinking things, he loved the universe. His heart was filled with joy with each triumphant new species he came up with, and his resolve steeled when he failed. He wanted to prove to his father that he was equal to the task. He went about for an aeon, creating almost as many things as his father, who he never bothered and who never checked up on him.

When God finally finished his master work, he dragged his dubiously named First Born to come and see it. A glittering kingdom outside the laws of nature that he had studiously been implementing and breaking since his beginning. Open at first only to himself and Lucifer, they walked the golden roads and the wonderful valleys.

The awesome glory made God feel they could use a bit more company to share his excellent work, which Lucifer was overjoyed to learn. So God and Lucifer set to work making siblings for the First Born; a Father-Son project the likes of which will probably never been seen again. They experimented, a first for God, he assured his son.

Lucifer learned much over those ageless hours, about servitude, love and loyalty. They instilled these virtues into the marrow of his brothers, giving life to the first Archangels. God let Lucifer name them, as they would be his lieutenants in his battle to complete the mission he had laid down for him.

He named them Raphael, Michael, Uriel, Raguel, Gabriel and Remiel. He liked the way the names rolled off his tongue, like they were the only names they could have. When he asked his Father what that meant, he didn't answer. Instead he asked him why he and his brothers weren't out playing in the Universe.

Lucifer was uncomfortable with the idea of having thoughtless, if terribly polite, company for the rest of eternity, and so gave them all his gift of free will, earning him the ire of his Father. God kept a much closer eye on Lucifer as he and his brothers returned to the universe and began spreading seeds of life.

After a few decimillenia of no more shenannigans, God turned his attention to a little sun in a bubbly little galaxy, a mere ten million light years across, in a bright spinward belt. It had a few planets surrounding it, the last of which could barely be thought of as a planet at all. But the third rock, still cooling from its creation, caught his attention. It had already given life to millions upon millions of different beasties, but it had suffered from a cataclysm, blanketing the place in a thick cloud of soot and dust. He walked the planet for years, waiting for something to appear, but nothing did. So he waved the dust from the air and felt the warm sun on his face and looked around, nodding slowly to himself.

This place, he thought to himself, has potential.

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