Opening UpMature

"I don't know what you're talking about Jordan," I turned away from her, walked towards the kitchen counter on my hands and breathed deeply, trying to figure it all out.

"Sam, I know you said guardee," But, I never said anything I thought. I turned around, and faced her.

"I never said anything Jordan," I walked back towards her, my eyes squinting and my head cocked. "How would you know that?" her face paled and her eyes went wide as I came closer to her. I watched as her mouth formed the silent word 'shit'.

"I-uh, you did say it! I hear you! You said 'I was about to kiss my guardee again,' " she took a step closer to me, her eyes now a flame with anger, "Why am I your 'guardee' ?" Her airquotes brushed my face we were so close.

"It's complicated, listen, can I tell you later?"

"Oh yeah, sure, I don't care. You know, this random guy just fell into my life, kissed me after knowing him for less than five minutes, I'm already falling for him even though I've only known him for a day," she paused, took a deep breath, and continued, "And now I'm his guardee or something. He's guarding me from something! What is it? Who knows! Will he tell me? Oh no, 'I'll tell you later' he says," she walked over to the couch and threw her body into it, crossing her arms across her chest. I couldn't do anything but stare at her in shock. I don't think she'd even realized what she'd been saying, but I did.

"Do you want to know?" I asked her timidely, going to sit on the couch beside her.

"Actually, no,"


"No. That was a lie. I do want to know, but the better question is, will you tell me?" She shifted so that she was looking at me now. I gulped and nodded.

"Okay, well there's a lot to do with it," I breathed deeply, I knew this was going to be hard, "I know more about you than you think, oh, and I've known you for more than a day. A couple weeks actually. I've been watching you, not in a creeper peeping Tom way, more like watching over you," she looked at me, confused, "Well, you remember that $100 you found a couple weeks back?"

"Yeah! That was grea- wait, was tha-?"

"Guilty," I sighed. "And remember when you got, uh, raped?"

"What, you wanted to pleasure yourself for a second?" she exploded off the couch, staring at me. If we'd been in a cartoon there would've been smoke coming out of her ears.

"No! I stopped them!" I stuck up my hands defensively, "I got really angry, I couldn't understand it. I was staring at them, willing them to get off you, leave you alone," I had to close my eyes, trying to erase the memory that had been imprinted in my mind for the past two weeks, "Then I just, kind of started choking him! But it took away most of my strength, that's why you saw that big flash of light and then no one there," recognition flashed across her face.

"Oh my gosh," she whispered, grabbing the armrest of the couch and sitting back down on it, as far away from me as possible.

"And I was Tony when I wanted him to get you off the drugs. I also saw you on Thanksgiving, that's when I realized," I stopped, realising where I was going with this. She hadn't heard the last part, she was too busy fathoming everything that had happened. Finally, after several minutes of her contemplating and me biting my toungue not to hug her, comfort her as I tried not to cry, she looked up at me.

"So, what are you?" she moved slightly closer, but I still yearned to hold her. I looked away from her, at the wall, before answering, and when I did, it was barely audible to my own ears.

"I'm your Guardian Angel,"

The End

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