So CloseMature

"Sam, I don't really think this is me," I said, looking at myself in the mirror.

"Come on Jordan! Let me see!"

"No way, I think I look like a slut!"

"You can't! I bought you, like, Granny clothes!"

"Is this what your Grandma wears?" I opened the door, standing there with my hands on my hips. "Does your Grandma look like this Sam?

"No. Way." Hawt! I heard Sam thinking, and I looked down at my clothes. A black leather mini-skirt, and red corsett thingy and I'd brushed out my hair.

"Sam! Eyes, up here!" I said laughing. He peeled his eyes away from my clothes and looked at my face.

"You look amazing,"

"Your Grandma wears this?"

"I think I'd barf if my Grandma wore that!" We burst out laughing and I had to stay standing perfectly straight because otherwise I think something would pop out. Eventually, Sam composed himself, kind of. "Okay, I lied." he walked over to the front door and grabbed a bag. "These are your clothes, I just wanted to see."

"I hate you!" I yelled, walking over to him and grabbing the bag from his hand, punching him on the arm, going towards the bedroom.


"Sorry!" I walked back over to him and put my hand on his arm where I'd punched him. "Are you okay?"

"Haha, yeah, I was just joking!" He smiled at me and I blushed, again.

"Oh, right. Well, I'll uh, I'll be right back."


"Are you almost done Jordan?"

"This, is much better Sam."

I was wearing a pair of skinny jeans, a green zip up sweater and a white tank top. Plus, he'd bought me a hairbrush and a pair of skateboarding shoes.

"You're awesome!" I said. I ran out of the room and threw my arms around his neck, hugging him. He took a step back and I thought I'd scared him. "Oh, sorry again!" I said, starting to step back.

"Mhm," He quickly pulled me back into a hug and he rested his chin on my head. I smiled into his chest. His breathing was even and happy. I could hear his heart beating inside his chest. "You smell really good," he said over my head.

"Haha, that's a new one," He laughed and I could feel it as I hugged him. I looked up at him and he looked down at me. "You have green eyes. I like green,"

"Yours are blue," he said quietly. We stared into each others eyes. I was entranced by his, they were so clear. His face started coming closer to mine, slowly inching closer. His eyes got droopy, started to close.

You're going to kiss him again. You're going to kiss him! You don't even know his last name!


Okay, well . . . are you sure you want to kiss him?

Um . . . Yes! No! Yes! No! I can't!

I could feel Sam's breath on my lips now, inviting me in.

"No," I whispered quietly.


"No, Sam. We have to, er, go! Remember?"

Shit, he thought. I was about to kiss my guardee again!

"Guardee?" I said, stepping back from him and looking at him. "What's a guardee?"

"Guardee? I didn't say guardee! Whosaidguardee?" he rubbed the back of his head, nervously. His eyes twitched and he was grinning anxiously.

"Sam. What's a guardee?"


The End

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