I was in the kitchen, Jordan had just taken a shower, and come out in a towel if I might add, and now she was getting dressed, in my clothes! I smiled to myself as I pushed around the eggs on the pan, trying to get them to scramble. Turns out it's really easy to scramble eggs, who knew?

"Ugh! Come on towel! Go up there!" My eyebrows scrunched together and I turned around to face the bedroom, putting down the eggs and listening to Jordan. I walked towards the bedroom, quietly, and peeked around the door. She was jumping to try and get her towels to hang over the door. "Grr," she growled at the door. I leaned against the door frame and laughed lightly.

"Need some help?"

"Y-yes please," she blushed and my heart pounded. I'd made her  blush! What did I even say? I took the towels from her hand and she pouted at me as I easily threw them over the door. I looked down at her. "No fair, I'm short!" she crossed her arms over her chest and I laughed. I think short is an undersatement! She smiled at me again and it took my breath away. I left the room, pretending to get breakfast. As I walked over to the counter, I did a check over my shoulder then proceeded to do a little happy dance.

"Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, BA!" I whispered as I. . . kind of danced.

"Ahem!" I whipped around, slapping my arms to my side and saw Jordan emerging from the bedroom. I made the little way to the counter in a sprint and started serving up the breakfast.

"I was, uh, there was a bee in my pants!"

"Oh, Gotchya," I slid a plate onto the part of the counter that connected to the four chairs set up on the other side. She took a seat and bit into her toast, moaning.

"What? Is it bad? I haven't made a real breakfast in a while,"

"Mm, it's so good!"

"Oh, well, that's good!"

After we'd both eaten breakfast, and I'd gotten dressed, we both decided that Jordan definitely needed new clothes.

"Well, I've got tons of money here," I took a wallet out of one of the pair of jeans I was wearing and opened it.

"What? I can't take your money!" I gaped at her.

"Why not?"

"Dude! I don't even know your last name!"

"Tunningston. What's yours?"

"Markins. Okay, but, I don't really know you at all!"

"I grew up in Vancouver. My Mom and Dad are both dead. I'm 16 . . . kinda. My favourite colour is dark blue and I'm allergic to cats but I love dogs." I smiled at her and handed out the money again. "Now you know me!"

"No! I don't!"

"Okay, listen, I'm going to go and get you clothes, just one outfit, and then we're going to have a full day out, get to know each other. Then maybe you'll go buy clothes of your own, okay?"

"Alright . . . I guess,"

"Okay, I'll be back in half an hour. See ya!" I left the apartement, checked my clothes to make sure they weren't '80s chique' again, which they weren't. Jeans and dark blue T-Shirt. I think this still looked okay! Actually, I just hoped no one laughed at me. Prayed, really.

The End

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