I looked around the big white room. Seriously, he needed some sort of colour. It hurt your eyes to be in here! I looked around but didn't see Boss.

"Are you there God? It's me, Sam." I said jokingly.

"Oh Sam! Hello, and since when did you start quoting books?" I shrugged and the G laughed. "So, why are you here?" he sat down at his desk and looked at his computer screen, moving and clicking the mouse every now and then.

"Uh, don't you know?"

"Huh? Oh, no! I was busy playing tetris!" he turned the computer screen towards me. I couldn't believe I was watching God play tetris.

"Oh, yeah. Well, Ikindoffellinlovewithmyguardee," I spoke quickly and my words jumbled one after the other.

"Sam, I may look young," I cocked and eye brow, "Okay, young-ish, but my ears are as old as time. So please, repeat that and slower." I breathed deeply 3 times before answering him.


"One more time please!"


"Sam, who's Jordan," I could feel the blood boiling in my face. I wanted to bang my head against the white wall and scream! How could he not be comprehending this?

"God, sir, I think I love my guardee," God stared at me for several seconds before all hell broke loose.

Sirens went off everywhere and the room was filled with an eerie red light. ninja like guys swung through the class window and had guns pointed at me. I blinked, terrified.

Oh I thought, I'd been imagining it. God was sitting at his desk, smiling at me.


"Sam, you're sixteen! Did you not expect to fall for your, may I say, beautiful guardee?"

I gaped at him. "Sir, did you anticipate this?"

"Of course I did!" his voice roared through the offic along with his hearty laughter. "This is what I was waiting for! I'm surprised it took you so long!" God grabbed his stommach and hunched over, tears coming to his eyes from the laughter. How could he be laughing when I almost just peed me pants!?

"So, what do I do?" He reached into one of his desk drawers and pulled out what looked like a ring case. I looked at him, puzzled.

"Put this on," I opened up the case and inside was a new kind of ring to me. It was a band except it had two hands holding a crowned heart engraved into the band. "It's a claddagh ring, men's edition."

"What will it do?" I slid the ring onto my third finger on my right hand and looked at it. Oh yeah, this would help my "manly" status with the other angles. As soon as the ring was properly on my hand, I felt a tug in my stomach. "Woah,"

"Have fun living with the living for a while Sam,"

"Wait, what? Where am I -" my last word was cut off by a quick intake of breath and then a popping sound as I left heaven. I yelled as I shot down towards the earth. I looked down and saw Jordan walking. I smiled at her, forgetting my free fall. Thankfully, hard pavement brought me back to my senses. I was too late to stop the girlish squeal that escaped my lips as I made contact with the ground. "Ughhh," I groaned. I heard footsteps and tried to sit up to find where they were coming from.

"Oh my Gosh, are you alright?" a smile spread across my lips and I rubbed the back of my head while I propped myself up on one elbow.

"Uh . . . yeah, I think I'm okay,"

"Where'd you come from?" I looked up, trying to find an excuse. Luckily, there was a tree right above me.

"I was climbing the tree!" Jordan shot me a funny look, as if I was a maniac. "I, uh, thought I heard . . . a cat! Yeah, a cat,"

"Okay, do you need help up?"

"Yes please," I lifted my hand and she grabbed it, pulling me up. I stumbled and almost fell into her, but she stepped back. Damn! thought the teenage boy part of my brain. Shut up! scolded the Guardian angel half.

I looked down at myself, brushing off my clothes when I realized I had different clothes on. I stared.

Obdviously God didn't know what "Modern" meant.

The End

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