I love her. Wait, what!?Mature

I sat on a rock under the tree Jordan had climbed last night. I'd fallen asleep here, what could I say!? Last night had been heavy! I rubbed my eyes and shook my head, my hair still sticking up. I looked around and saw Jordan pacing on her parent's porch. What was she doing? Had she slept there? She coul - wait, I didn't have anywhere to stay either. I saw her mumbling to herself so I walked forward. I felt like I needed to say something, but I heard a little voice in my head basically saying Reveal yourself and DIE! Happy thoughts, right?

"Hi Mom, no, that doesn't work. Dad! Long time no se- scratch that. why is this so difficult!? It's just asking for a little money, that's it! All, I need, is money"

She needed money? I could do money. I lifted my fingers to snap them when I realized there was a guy standing in the door.

Well then, why didn't you say so?" Oh crap. Who was this?

"Tony!?" she nervously put her hand on the back of her head and the other on her hip. Her mouth was slightly open, as if she wasn't finished speaking. I smiled, she looked cute like this. I shook my head, you can't think that Sam! You can't like her! You just . . . can't! Great, now I'm talking to myself. Oh yeah, she'd like me.

"Hey Jordie, you look good," his eyes swung up and down her. She  looked better then good bub. No, she looked okay, I mean, her hair was in a pony tail, crusted in dirt. Her face was dirty. But she had on nice jeans and the bomber jacket suited her. Not to mention her bright eyes. I found myself leaning forwards and quickly regained my balance. "So why are you here?"

"So quick to get to the juicy stuff, eh Tony?" he laughed and she smiled. I hadn't seen her smile yet. Her entire face lit up when she smiled, and the sun seemed to shine brighter. Her eyes got all scrunchy and her teeth were amazingly nice for a homeless person.

"You never lost your wit,"

"And you haven't lost your bluntness,"

"Just like old times," Jordan's face fell as the smile skittered off her mouth.

"I haven't been here for years," she said solemnly.

"Old times don't die Jordie,"

I kind of tuned them out until Jordan started talking about her drugs again. I was standing behind her now, examining Tony carefully.

 " . . . Especially with everyone recycling now, there isn't a fucking can for me to return in the whole God damn city," I felt something in side me lift my arm and make my hand solid. It tugged on Jordan's ponytail. I quickly used my other arm to return my hand back to it's transparent form. What was that? all she'd said was God Damn . . . oh. Right. I smiled to myself, holding back a laugh. God had a good sense of humor. I searched Jordan's thoughts, just to see what she was thinking.

Just give me the money so I can pay Mac back for the crack!

No way! That wasn't going to fly with me. I walked over to Tony and stepped, literally, into his body. I was taking over. This was a first time thing though, so I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out. He was taking out his wallet and I looked up at Jordan. I grabbed her face between my hands and had to restrain myself from leaning down and kissi- wait! No! I shouldn't be doing this. Ok Sam, just get her off the crack.

"Jordan, are you on crack?" I looked into her green eyes. She, on the other hand, exploded.

"What!? No!"

"You are!" I grabbed her wrist and pulled her over to the porch swing, playing the worried brother, "Why?"

"Do you see where I'm living right now? Do you see the world? That's where I'm living! Hiding behind dumpsters, in forests, anywhere where I won't get rained on. For God's fucking sake Tony, I'm wearing stuff I stole from Salvation Army! I. Have. Nothing!" My throat formed a huge lump in it. I didn't know what to say, I didn't know what to do! how was I supposed to comfort her? Was I even supposed to comfort her? I thought about it, but Tony knew what to say, so I left him and let him do the rest, since he was a conserned brother. I listened to him, convincing her to stop. He was very good at this, he just needed a little push. I wanted to finish the finale though. Slipping back into Tony, after she'd agreed to get sober, I said:

"Good, now, give it to me."

"Give you what?"

"My wallet back and the rocks," I smirked at her. The look on her face was priceless!

"Happy?" she replied, looking longingly at the crack.

"Thanks Jordie, now come back here," I searched Tony's brain for an answer, "Next week, around 12. That's when I'm here and mum and dad aren't," satisfied with my work, I left Tony and went to follow Jordan. She had her head held high, and I could feel the determination radiating off of her. In the span of less than 24 hours, I'd seen normal, vulnerable and strong Jordan. I love her, I thought. Wait! No! I can't love a human! I can't love my guardee! What!? I really needed to speak with the big man upstairs. Holy cow! I couldn't do this! No, no, no! I watched Jordan walk away safely and then pulled a golden cellphone from my pocket. I pressed "OO" and I shot into the sky, heading for God's office. This was going to be hard, but I had to do it. The golden doors creaked open, and I stepped into the worst meeting of my un-life.

The End

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