Behave SamMature

I followed Jordan to a house. Why was she walking around on Thanksgiving? She should be eating with family! I walked up behind her, making myself completely transparent and weightless. She was staring at a family eating their dinner. I looked at the mother and at Jordan. They looked almost the same. Everyone around the table looked as though they could be family. Wait . . .

"Woah," I mouthed. Why didn't she go inside? I prodded her thoughts. They'd abandoned her? Heavy shit, I mean stuff! I felt something hit my head and I turned to the sky. "I meant stuff!" I mouthed. I heard chuckling in my head. When I turned back to Jordan, she wasn't there. Smooth move slick, lost your guardee. Shut up voices!

I turned, spinning in circles before my eyes settled on a tree and I saw Jordan sitting in the top. I climbed the tree. I really should've gotten those wings, this was hard. I groaned silently as I heaved myself over the topmost branch. Jordan was sitting there, looking at the stars. She had really nice hair, why hadn't I noticed that before? And her eyes, they were beautiful green eyes. I stared at her, entranced. He eyes filled with tears and my heart lurched.

"What?" I looked down at myself. What had that been? Why did it feel like my stomach was flipping inside me? I looked back up and Jordan had steady tears streaming down her face. I stood up and hobbled over so that I was in front of her, looking down. I took my thumb and rubbed it across her cheek, trying to wipe away the tears, but I couldn't. She blinked and when she opened her eyes I was smiling at her. She looked so vulnerable, like a lost puppy. I wanted to hug her, tell her it was alright, but I couldn't! Why was being a Guardian Angel so damn hard? I started becoming less transparent, I wanted her to see me.

Behave Sam, said a voice in side my head. I rolled my eyes and became invisible again, regrettably. I watched her until she left the tree, and I stayed there, thinking about what I'd just felt.

The End

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