I paced on the porch, my hands at my waist fidgeting as I mumbled to myself.

"Hi Mom, no, that doesn't work. Dad! Long time no se- scratch that. why is this so difficult!? It's just asking for a little money, that's it! All, I need, is money"

"Well then, why didn't you say so?" my brother, Tony, was standing in the door.

"Tony!?" I  put my hand at the back of my hand and stareed at my brother, leaning against the door frame and looking at me with a smirk on his face.

"Hey Jordie, you look good," I scoffed at him. He crossed his arms across his chest. He was so tall, his head almost touching the top of the doorframe, but he was also very muscular. His dark brown hair was spiked all over his head. He looked so much older then when I'd last seen him, but, then again, he was almost . . . 23 was it?

"So, why are you here?" he said.

"So quick to get to the juicy stuff, eh Tony?" He laughed lightly.

"You never lost your wit,"

"And you haven't lost your bluntness," I smiled at him.

"Just like old times,"

"I haven't been here for years,"

"Old times don't die Jordie, they just go to sleep for a bit. Hibernating, like you did in the winter time!" We both laughed at this and the mood lightened. "So, why are you here?"

I sighed, "I'm in tough times Tony. Everything's going wrong and money is getting harder and harder to find. Especially with everyone recycling now, there isn't a fucking can for me to return in the whole God damn city," I felt someone tug my hair when I'd said God and I whipped around, what was that?

Tony hadn't noticed and he immediately had his wallet out, but when he looked back up at me, he had a different look on his face then the humorous one from before.

"Jordan," he said seriously, using my full name and tilting my head up so I had to look him in the eyes as he searched mine. "Are you on crack?"

"What!?" I jumped away from him and gaped at him "No!" I looked away from him immediately.

"You are!" He grabbed my wrist and pulled me onto the porch swing. "Why?"

"Do you see where I'm living right now? Do you see the world? That's where I'm living! Hiding behind dumpsters, in forests, anywhere where I won't get rained on. For God's fucking sake Tony, I'm wearing stuff I stole from Salvation Army! I. Have. Nothing!"

"Jordie, calm down," I'd stood up during my rant and he pulled me back down. "Listen, I'll give you some money, maybe even find you a job, but you have to promise me you'll stop doing crack," His eyes bore into mine, and for the first time, I saw what was in the boy's face in the stars in a real person, that same emotion coming from Tony's cool brown eyes, "For me Jordie, you have to stop,"

I couldn't speak to him, my toungue felt as if it was made of led. I nodded slowly, I couldn't say no to him.

"Good, now give it to me?"

"Give you what?"

"My wallet back and the rocks," I smirked at him, the seriousness of the conversation out of the way as he smiled down at me. I handed back his wallet as he checked it for money and gave him all three of my rocks.


"Thanks Jordie," he said. "Come back here next week, okay? Around 12 because that's when I'm here and mum and dad aren't," I nodded again as he went into the house and left me sitting on the porch.

Now, I was determined to get sober from drugs and alchohol. I could do it, I knew I could. Water was cheaper then alchohol too, so I could do that. I thought back to when I'd seen that boy in the stars. When I'd thought about it a couple night later, it had felt like he was a guardian angel. And now, I felt like he was watching over me and that he'd just helped Tony to get me to get sober. Let's just hope it works.

The End

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