It was about ten p.m when there was a great jerk in my stomach. What the hidden place of doom?

‘HELP ME!' someone screamed inside my head. That's when it clicked. Jordan needed my help.

‘Sssh' I heard a man laughing, I closed me eyes and saw where she was. What was she doing in an alley? Luckily I had been practicing transporting myself, but this would take seventy five percent of my energy. I clicked my finger and appeared just behind the man that was cackling his pathetic little lungs out. Before I knew what I was doing I was suddenly strangling him, Jordan looked up in utter shock. She still couldn't see me, thank God. Excuse the pun.

"Johnny?" asked a second guy. My energy was on about one percent, I couldn't hold him anymore.  He fell to the ground, with a crack. The other man started running away pulling up his pants.

I stumbled to the other side of the alley. I was exhausted from what I had done and was going into a black out. Something that usually happened with new Guardian Angles. I just had to make it round the corner before I started to glow. Another downfall of using too much energy as your person might see you. I fell to the ground and tried to crawl round the corner. Before I could reach it I saw my hand glow then I hit the darkness, I was out cold before I hit the ground.  

The End

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