Hold Her HarderMature

A week had passed since I'd found the $100 and it had been the best week in 3 years. I'd hd food every day and I'd bought a new Jacket, plus, I was able to have a shower and buy a brush! Can you say awesome? Then again, the life of a street kid is never exactly awesome.

Tonight, while I was walking down the alley way to my "main shelter", I was jumped. But this wasn't a normal jump, this was a bunch of perverted rapists. I'd never dealt with them before.

"Hey cutie," said the first guy.

"Come here baby, let me see what's under that nice coat of yours," I wrapped my coat around myself and continued walking, but that didn't stop the thoughts going through their heads and into mine.

"Damn girl, for a street girl you sure are - "

"This one looks fiesty, probobaly better at what we've got in mi-"

"Come on bitch, let me fuck you baby!"

The thoughts almost made me cry, but I held out.

"Woo girl, you sure are damn sexy!" the third guy grabbed my shoulder and whipped me around. I let go of my jacket and lifted my fist, making contact with his right temple.

"Fuck you!" I screamed at him.


"Shut up!" I said. The other two started coming closer to me. I screamed. The second guy, the larger one, jumped on me and gagged my mouth.

"Shh," he whispered in my ear, cackling. Tears started freely flowing down my face. I yelled through the gag, trying to spit it out of my mouth. The first guy came and held my arms up as the second guy moved down my body. He unbuttoned my jeans, slowly sliding them off as I screamed muffled protests and cried.

"Johnny!" cried the second guy, "Hold her harder," Johnny kneed on my hands and I cried out in pain, though no one heard me. I felt the bone of my wrist digging into the pavement as it snapped in two.

"HELP ME!" I thought. I screamed it in my mind. I tried to kick out with my legs, I tried to get them off of me. I felt Johnny dig his knees harder into my wrists as he caressed my face with his hand.

"Shh," he said, laughing. Then, his laughter caught in his throat, and I felt the second guy stop lifting up my shirt. I looked up at Johnny. His veins were popping out of his neck and his face was red. It looked like he was being strangled.

"Johnny?" said the second guy. Then, Johnny fell to the ground, his head making a hard cracking sound. The second guy jumped off of me, pulling up his pants as he ran down the alley way, away from myself and the two unconscious guys. I ripped the gag from my mouth and looked around. As I pulled my pants up, I saw a bright light disappear around the corner. Was that my saviour? I ran around the corner, cradling my broken wrist and spitting on Johnny and the other guy as I went, kicking them, but there was no one around the corner. I looked down the other side, again no one. I sent out a silent "Thank you" to my saviour, and made my way off for my home base, crying the entire time by how close I'd come to rape and most likely death as well.

The End

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