A Crappy Guardian AngelMature

I sat there for hours, nearly eighteen actually. I quite enjoyed watching everybody walking around though. It had been nearly ten years since I was here. I should of been twenty six in a couple of months. I wondered how my family was doing, my little sister was probably at college now. As I caressed the thoughts swirling through my head I spotted her in the crowd. I had memorised the pictures from the file. Coincidence?

She would actaully look quite pretty if she cleaned herself up. Like washing the small clumps of mud out of her hair. I shrugged, live and let live, that was my moto. I followed her for about ten minuetes as she bussled her way through the people. It was easy for me I just walked straight through them. Thats when the idea popped into my head, she looked like she needed money. When I looked up she was bending down. What was she doing? She straightened up again with a big beaming grin. In her hand a one hundred dollar bill. Did I do that? Awesome! I didn't really have to think to hard to mkae it happen though, it was a relitivly small deed compared to what I could do.

Thats when I started to worry about what I just did. Did they even make one hundred dollar bills? and would it be accepted in any shop, considering her appearence? I think I just got her into even deeper trouble then she was already in.

I was crap at doing this Guardian Angel thing. I kicked myself on the inside and carried on following her. Maybe I could help if the situation got arroused and she needed me. I tried to make myself happy at the thought. It didn't work though. Why did she need me anyway? She seemed to be able to hold her own. Looks like I had to do some detective work too.

The End

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