The Door.Mature

Last Night:

I was just about to knock on the door when somebody called,

"Come in Sam!"

Of course he knew I was coming, I sighed rolling my eyes and walked in pushing the door open.

"What do I do now?"

"Getting straight to the point, I like it." he smiled. "Well," getting up he walked towards me and stopped about two feet away, "I have given you the powers of a Guardian Angel."

"Just like that? I didn't see you do anything."

"What did you want, a magic show with dancing girls?"

"Kind of." I muttered looking down at the file in my hands, this girl was pretty messed up.

"If you ever need me, prey, and if you need something more then that, you need to find the strength to come back up. Your very weak you see Sam."

"So basically I can't do anything for ages. This is going to be fun."

"I think the saying goes... practice makes perfect. You can do everything that a guardian does if you practice."

"What, you mean. Transport myself anywhere, move stuff, sometimes touch stuff, make things appear out of thin air-"

"Yes all those things Sam. You're smart, you'll figure it out," he cut me off, I guess he didn't have the time to sort me out, "Just think really hard on what you want to do, and you can do it." I nodded to show I understood.

"One problem. Well two really, how do I get down there? And how do I help?"

"To your first question go out the door, and you help her any way you can." he smiled walking back to his desk and sitting down.

Just walk out the door? I scrunched my forehead up confused. That's the way I came though.

"To the door Sam" he said not looking up from his writing. I walked slowly up to the door I just came through and opened it again. A blinding light hit me and I closed my eyes backing away,

"You'll get used to that. Just walk through it. Oh and one thing. You can‘t let her see you."

I did what he said and it was the strangest sensation I had ever felt, the wind blowing my thick brown hair all over the place. It was over before I wanted it too, and I ended up in a high street, with people walking past and through me nearly every five seconds. I had no idea why I was here so I sat on the nearest bench and thought about my next move.


The End

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