"Damn Michelle! Would you shut up?"

"Like, he's, like, so hot! Yummy!"

"If I get the knife and place it right the-"

I walked down the sidewalk, around prim and proper girls, business men and people who were almost like me, except they had a roof over their heads. The thoughts bombarded my mind, I couldn't stand it. I shut my eyes as I walked, down the street, navigating through people's minds.

"Whoops!" I said out loud as I accidentaly tried to navigate through some perverts day dream. "Ew," I shuddered. Finally, the super market. I walked in smelling the fresh scent of apples and oranges. I walked to the back of the store, to the liquor cabinetl. I  grabbed some Smirnoff Ice and went to the deli and grabbed a sandwich. That'd hold me over for a day or so. I payed with the lady's money from the day before.

Leaving the shop, I dropped my sandwich and it flew open. Half the sandwich spread across the ground, all over the pavement. 

"Shit!" I yelled. I picked up the half that was spread over the pavement. I looked at the bottom and shoved it back in the container. "Just fantastic!"

I looked up at the street and saw something green in the sewer. I moved closer to it and reached out to pick it up.

"No fucking way!" I exclaimed. It was a $100  bill! 100 bucks! This was the jackpot! I looked up to see if someone had dropped it, not that I'd return it, but I just wanted to make sure nobody would claim it.

I slipped it into my ack pocket and made off much happier than I'd been 10 seconds before hand.

The End

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