I Thought This Was Your Job?!Mature

I sat down with my back leaning against the wall and my knees up, looking up at a bearded man in a tunic. Yep, the old man still hasn't changed his style.

"There's a lot going on out there." he said looking out of the massive window that went floor to ceiling. I hated this room, everything was white. I mean everything. The walls, the desk, pencils, flowers at least put something different in it! He said it made the room look bigger.

"And isn't it supposed to be your job to sort it out? Not admiring the view." I smiled. He was used to my sarcasm by now.

He ignored it replying with "There's one in particular-"

"How, in your name, could there be ONE in particular?! There's billions of people down there." I cut him off,

"True." he said calmly. "I just wanted you to keep an eye on someone for me."
Wait. He wanted me. Me! Sam Tunningston. There has got to be a catch.

"What do you want?" I asked cautiously.

"Just to help someone get back on track."

"You mean you want to make me an angel?" I asked shocked.

"Yes. A guardian angel." I thought about it. A guardian angel was the most worshiped angel. Nearly everyone up here wanted to be one.

"Why not" I shrugged. "But," I said quickly, "I don't want them damn wings! There so fluffy and big and really, really annoying." he smiled down at me,


"What do you want me to do though? I'm not exactly angel material." I frowned at the spotless floor.

"What does make an angel?" I rolled my eyes,

"Please don't start that reverse psychology on me, just tell me what I need to do."

"Just watch over her. Lead her in the right direction." he encouraged as he walked over to a small filing cabinet. He quickly produced a thick file, one of the biggest I've seen. He passed it to me and stood back surveying my reaction.

"Can't I have something a little smaller?" I questioned weighing the file in my hands, he shook his head smiling. "Please?" still shaking his head I got up. "Looks like I have a lot of reading to do" I sighed, "When do I start?"

"When you've read all that, let me know. I'll give you a mini-tutorial."

"Great... thanks." I muttered heading for the door.

"Your welcome Sam!" he called as he sat down at the desk grinning to himself. I waved a hand behind me.  Looks like I was heading back down to Earth, I groaned to myself staring down at the file.

The End

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