The Softer RockMature

I had my hood up as walked down the dark street to Mac’s place. He had just gotten in some new rocks, and I was badly in need. I’d jacked some ladies purse from earlier, so I hoped I was set. I knocked softly on the door.


“Fuck off Brian,” I said.

“Hey Jordan,” he replied with a chuckle. I heard the pad locks on the door click open. The door creaked and Brian stood on the other side.

“Damn,” he said as I walked in.

“Go fuck yourself,” I replied, smiling a little. Yeah, I looked good for a street chick, even though my eyes were blood shot and my hair crusted with dirt. I went to the back of the house and Brian followed me.

“Boss!” he called, “The Big Bitch is back,” I chuckled at his remark. I heard Mac laughing on the other side.

“Hey Jordan, come on in!” I pushed open the door and walked inside, sitting down across from Mac. He winked at me as I walked in. He’d always liked me, I knew that. Ever since I’d first met him.

“Hey Mac, what’s the new stash?” I asked. He pulled out a large pack of rocks. I whistled.

“I’ve got one special set aside for you too,” he pulled out a huge rock, “on the house.”

I smiled at him, “You’re the best,” I said. He laughed and handed me the crack. I took out the money I’d taken from the purse, minus ten bucks for food the next day, and laid it on the table. He looked at it.

“4 rocks.” He said.

“What?” I cried. “Dude, that would’ve bought me 6 last time!”

“Economic struggles,” he said, shrugging.

“Ass-hole. Fine, it’s not my money anyways,” I took the four rocks he’d given me, larger than expected, smiled at him and left the room.

“Later Mac,”

“See ya gorgeous,” he called. I laughed as I made my way to the door.

“So, Jordan, you want to maybe go ou-”

“Brian, just stop,” I said jokingly, cutting him off as I left. He shrugged.

“Worth a try, later!” he called. I waved and made my way down the street again, shoving my four rocks plus a free one into my pockets and slipping some pre-crushed stuff I’d jacked into my back pocket. I started running, getting far before Mac realized. I was going to be sleeping good tonight, high and warm. So far, things in the dumps were looking up. So far.

The End

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