Heavenly ComplicationsMature


I booked it down the alley, my arms pumping me to run faster as my black hand-me-down Keds pounded the broken up cement.

“Come back here bitch!” I heard Michael thinking as he ran after me, his gun going off again as I ducked through the broken up fence of the divider between “Man Chu’s” and “Pete’s Bar and Grill”.

I ran around the back of one of the restaurants and darted up main street. Panting, I slipped into another alley way, and out of it, then hopped the fence into someone’s back yard and kept running.

I panted and slid down against the fence. Just as I was catching my breath, the back light of the house’s porch came on and the sliding door opened.

“Get ‘em Butch!” I heard a husky voice yell. I sprang up and over the back fence, landing in the small forest behind the house.

This was most nights for me. If it was calm and I had nothing to do, I was damn lucky. But, I guess I was lucky anyways. My speed kept me away from almost anyone, and got me out of any shitty situation. Then again, there was my . . . gift.  My parents use to call it a curse, but screw them right? I didn’t need anyone, not anymore at least. The streets were my home now, and no one knew about my gift. I could read minds, yes, actually read minds. See into their past, see what they were thinking at that moment. At first, it had been horrible. I’d answered un-asked question and gotten myself into some deep shit, but then, I figured the whole thing out. At least it doesn’t mess with my life anymore. It’s more helpful now, being able to see when someone’s coming for me. You get to know someone’s inner voice just as well as their speaking voice.

I stood up on the tree infested hillside and started making my way down, towards the river. There was a shelter not too far from here that I’d made a couple years back that I could crash at for the night, if no one else had taken it. I grabbed tree trunks as I walked, preventing myself from tumbling down the hill and into the freezing cold river.

When I finally got to the shelter, I lifted the shabby blanket to find another hobo already in there. I smiled slightly; glad it could help someone, and kept on walking. Eventually, I found some shelter under a pine tree. I couldn’t feel the needles through me bomber Jacket, so it was comfy enough. I looked up through the pine tree, expecting to see stars, but there was too much pollution from the damn city. Leave it to the fucking cars to fuck up the only thing that was left good in my life. I rolled over, not able to look at the sky anymore, and eventually went to sleep. Too bad it didn’t last long enough. Ahh, the fucked up styles of street life.


The End

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