Best Friends

As Yuki and Eurie headed for Madame Jade, they were cut off in a head-on collision into a young man with white hair. The three of them went tumbling to the ground.

"Ah," Yuki exhaled as she tried to recover from the shock of falling. The boy stood up, and reached his hands out to both Yuki and Eurie.

"Here." He said, as he helped them up to their feet. Eurie dusted herself off then spread her wings out slightly. Yuki pressed her hand to her face as she looked at the ground.

"Thanks." Eurie thanked the boy, and he gave a nod of the head to her in return.

"No problem." The boy angled his eyes to where Yuki was looking down at. He sighed.

"My... Bracelet..." She said in dismay, as she stared at the broken pieces scattered all over the walkway. The letters " SDNEIRF TSEB" were among the little jewels. 

He sighed  and ran his fingers through his soft hair "Sorry about that, Yuki. Look, to make it up to you. I'll make you another one-"

"No, Eric." Yuki interrupted. "It's fine." She scooped up all the pieces into her hand and stood up straight. She looked at Eric, tall, with lean muscles and broad shoulders. He owned a full head of light brown hair, and blue eyes. Right now, his eyes seemed to be focused on Yuki.

"Hm. Whatever you say, then." Eric turned his head to the left, getting a glimpse of someone with white hair and red eyes speaking to Madame Jade. "Who's that?" Eric pointed at the man. Yuki and Eurie turned to look as well.

"Oh, him." Said Eurie, sounding completely different than she was almost five seconds ago. "New guy."
Eric squinted his eyes at the scene and then widened them again.

"Wait a sec... Is that..." He paused, and ran over to Madame Jade. Eurie and Yuki looked at each other sourly and then ran themselves over to Madame Jade.

The End

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