The Newbie

Yuki smiled as she headed over towards Eurie. "Well? How do I look?" She asked her friend.

"Like a true angel." Eurie responded. "Except," Her eyes focused onto Yuki's halo. "There's something wrong with your halo... It's silver!" Eurie exclaimed. 

Yuki blinked in confusement "What do you mean it's sliver?" Yuki reached her hand over her head and touched her cold halo. 

Eurie grabbed Yuki's wrist "Come with me. I'll show you." 
Yuki didn't have time to reply as Eurie dashed forward out of the sanctuary and through the clouds.

 "Good-bye, Yuki and Eurie!" Shouted Madame Jade just as the two left. 
Eurie led Yuki through a trail of glitter on the clouds all the way to what was known as the 'town square'. In the center was an enormous  fountain with statues of a boy angel and a girl angel. Buildings and structures surrounded the fountain from a distance. 

Eurie led Yuki to the fountain "Look!" She said. Yuki leaned forward and saw her reflection. Her wings were spread out to her sides and a silver halo gleamed in the sun light.

"Oh wow. I  do have a silver halo!" Exclaimed Yuki. 

"Excuse me, ladies," Spoke a masculine voice. Both Eurie and Yuki turned around to see a man wearing a white toga rubbing his head with a smug smile on his face. Both girls felt their faces redden. 

"Y-yes?" Eurie twirled her hair with her finger. 

"My name is Daniel and I'm new to the Angelics. Would you mind ever so slightly, to direct me to Madame Jade?" He politely asked seemingly both girls as his dark red eyes jumped from one girl to the other. 
Both Yuki and Eurie jumped up pointing to the left.

"She's that way!" The girls shouted not intentionally. 

Daniel smiled at them both and gave them a small appreciation bow "Thank-you very much, girls." Then started on his trail.
 Yuki looked at Eurie as did Eurie to Yuki.

"Did you see what I saw?" Yuki emphasized. Eurie nodded as she turned to watch the last few seconds as Daniel disappeared into the temple.

"Yuki, I'm not sure what you saw, but I just saw my next boyfriend." Eurie giggled at the thought.

Yuki shook her head "No, that's not what I mean. Don't you find it a little suspicious that he had red eyes? I've never heard of an angel with red eyes, and certainly not an Angelic. I mean, the Angelics are the most powerful and strict group of angels among Heaven and if my memory is correct, red eyes after death usually symbolize something terrible." Eurie nodded her head as she put her finger to her lips in thought.

"Hey, yeah! I think you're right, Yuki! Maaaaybe we should tell someone...?" Eurie wondered. 

"Yeah. Maybe we should. Come on!" Yuki grabbed Eurie's wrist and pulled her off the ledge of the fountain and started for Madame Jade.

The End

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