Heavenly Angels

Yuki is an immortal angel that lives above Earth within the clouds of Heaven. Even though Yuki is indeed an angel, she has not gotten her wings and halo to prove she is an angel. Until today that is. Yuki usually spends her days among the clouds, starring down at Earth admiring its people. One particular human though, Yuki seems to take a great interest in. Even though she knows its forbidden for angels to fall in love with mortals. Yuki's best friend, Eurie, is the only one to know.

Yuki sat on the fluffy white clouds hanging her legs off of the edge with her head down. She was watching a young man riding a motorcycle on the highway. Today is a very special day. She thought happily to herself. Yuki brushed her angelic white hair out from behind her ear and let it fall into place on her shoulders. Today is the day I will finally be like everyone else. 
Yuki felt the presence of someone suddenly sitting beside her.

"I knew I would find you here," Said a young girl. "So, you're still watching him, huh?"

"Yes." Replied Yuki. The young girl beside Yuki crouched down to get a good look at the man riding the motorcycle "Even while knowing the rules of the Angelics you still persist with it." She sighed.
Yuki turned to look at the girl "Please Eurie, don't tell anyone! If you do, I'll-" Eurie touched her index finger onto Yuki's lips.

"Don't worry about it. I promise I won't tell anyone. I haven't told anyone yet, have I?" Eurie removed her finger and smiled lightly at Yuki.

"Thanks, Eurie." Yuki returned the smile to Eurie.

The bleach blond haired girl sitting before Yuki stood up then reached her hand out to Yuki "Don't thank me yet, your ceremony is about to begin. Come on, let's go!" Yuki grabbed a hold of the angel's soft hand as she helped her to her feet.
Eurie led Yuki through the clouds to the temple. The temple was millions of feet high with pillars holding it up. The temple was made of white marble with statues of Greek Gods and Goddesses with a shinning white crystal with angel wings closed in around it, plus a giant, moving, golden halo surrounded the floating crystal.

"There it is," Eurie said with amazement "The Angel Demai crystal."
 Angels surrounded the crystal in a circle around it except one elder female angel wearing a long white dress seemed to be walking towards Eurie and Yuki.

"Eurie! Yuki! You made it, and just in time too!" She shouted across the temple.

Eurie laughed and tapped Yuki on her bare back "Hello Madame Jade. Yuki here wouldn't miss it for the world. Right, Yuki?"

She smiled "Right." The woman reached her hand out to Yuki.

"Now, come along dear. It's about to begin." Yuki gave Madame Jade her hand as she led her through the crowded angels that were all knelt in front of the Angel Demai crystal and into the front.
Suddenly, the bright temple light turned dim as the only light shone on Yuki and the elderly woman.

"Greetings, angels of Heaven. We are all gathered here today for the ceremony of Yuki Hearamoon. For today, she truly becomes one of us. Today, she becomes a true angel," Madame Jade shouted as if there was a microphone projecting her voice. Jade swung her arms above her head, then lightly dropped them down pointed to Yuki "Yuki Hearamoon, please get down on one knee," As asked, Yuki got down on one knee and tilted her head to the floor.

"Now, I shall preform the ceremony." All the lights went black but, the Angel Demai crystal started to glow as the wings surrounding it unfolded themselves as well as spread out. There was a splashing noise when what looked like two hands appeared and started shaping wings from a sparkling gold. The sparkling gold appearance started to fade and two white feathery wings took their place. Next, the hands moved to the young angel's head. A single gold sparkle followed by a shine started to arise above her head until it dissolved with a shining silver halo emerging in its place. The darkness vanished when the light of Heaven exposed its self revealing Madame Jade removing her hands off of Yuki's silver halo. There was a series of gasps from the angels when a newly born angel arose from her kneeling position with her own pair of wings in addition to a rare silver halo.
The angels all gave an applause to Yuki. Behind her, the Angel Demai sealed its wings back around it.

The End

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