Chapter 3 - Lunch

They went round the back of school, so they wouldn’t be seen, where they could get back inside quickly and easily. Of course they had to pass the graffiti of anime girls with feathered wings on them that made Michael chuckle, and this made Emily wonder what was really going on after all.


Emily grabbed a tuna salad and apple juice for her lunch from the canteen, and scanned the lunch hall for Sally. Sally was nowhere in sight. Wait. There she was; over by the door with some of the populars’. Was it only last week that Sally had been appalled at how the populars’ thought that they were the Kings and Queens of Hornsea High School?

Fine. She could sit with them for all Emily cared. Emily had nobody. She gracefully slid onto a two-seated-table and was slowly eating some cucumber with her arms folded, when Michael plonked himself on the seat opposite her.


When she heard him, her eyes bulged and went back to normal, then she rolled her eyes. She looked at his lunchless state. “Secret twenty one: Michael doesn’t eat.”

“How very observant of you,” He chuckled. “I’ll have to give you a brownie point.”

“I’m not ten years old.” She refolded her arms. “You’re going to have to treat me like the woman that I am. Deep inside. Okay, whatever, just don’t talk to me like I’m ten. I don’t like it.”

She thought to herself: You don’t have to explain yourself to him. He confuses you so much, and he’s always so cryptic. What’s up with that?

And on she kept pondering when some voice appeared in her head that she thought she had imagined: Trust yourself Emily. Trust in me.

Emily was thoroughly freaked out, and was banging her head with the palm of her hand, trying to work out who it was and then it occurred to her that she didn’t know everything about Michael. Yet.

The End

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