just a short story

The touch of cold stone to his fingertips felt frozen and icy, his breath coming out fast in puffs of white in the winter air. He looked down at the sidewalk that was dark with dirt and filth of the streets, creeping along the street he walks alone as the darkness closed in around him. Night was never welcoming in this town for it left pessimists out dated and exultant people bitter. He was neither just a young man needing something unknown to him. He tilted his head up to the sky as he crawled against the darkness only seeing the pale sliver of the moon. As trudged up the streets as a lonely man with a life, long gone in his youth he wondered when will the last time he walked this mile to a home that was never really his come about for he could not take this walk no longer. As he bore down on his own soul he mustered the courage to go up the steps to a broken down building falling with time sagging with relief of ruin. Looking at the old indie rock band posters on the wall, half chewed up by age and angry spouses as they screamed down to the last stair he saw the numbers 315 of a half working door. It’s hinges broken down half clinging to the wall as it was wide open to let any monster inside. The door was much like the creature inside, she had her hinges broken and something got in, something that should not be alive. Yet she lay there breathing slowly, in and out, a tiny gasp escaped as her skin grew paler with each tiny breath. So fragile was she, he dare not touch her for she might turn to dust before he had the chance to save her. He brushed his fingers across her jaw removing the dirtied hair from her face, her lips tinted red, broken and raw from disuse and the labored breathing. Touching her neck gentle he counted her heart beats, one, two, three, a pause long enough to shake the earth once, four. She was weak not much time was left on this being, her life was slowly being taken away with each breath, each heartbeat. Nothing mattered to her, not who this man was or what he could to do her. She just waited for the last breath to be shaken from her form, torn away and then her eyes would dull and a whisp of air would pass her lips and that would be it. The moon crept in through the broken window illuminating her yellow eyes as he looked down at this young creature so fine and delicate that nothing in this world seemed more important then this moment of life and death. He took out a small vile filled with black liquid hoping that time would be on his side. He shook it lightly and used his thumb to gently pull her bloodied lips apart as he pushed it against her mouth and let her drink the liquid inside. She screamed as it tore through her body like knives, pulling her body to bits and pieces making her shake as it dug deep to her very core. Her cries of pain just kept cutting through the night air letting all know that this night could be someones last. His face turned away as tears fell freely, hoping this agony would end so she could be free to live or die. Her cries died down as her body shook uncontrollably, he looked at her face and wished peace would come take her. He held her chin as she looked at him with wide yellow eyes “This will either end you or save you I cannot do more, but know this you will not die alone, I am here for every moment I shall not leave your side young thing. You will not die alone”. As his words sank in her eyes closed and black tears fell staining her cheeks as she moved her lips in a small weak thank you. Her body grew limp and her head fell out of his palm, falling to the side of the bricks, blood flowing freely from her lips. He sat there and cried as he could not save one weak creature in the hell of a town. He could do his best but the gods that rule this sacred place will not allow something like her to live. Something between a beast and god will not live for very long. It was by luck she grew to full form yet they struck her with the illness of evil and she could not go on. His magic and force could not save her and he just sat there petting her hair as he stilled his life for a moment for her. He wished he would not go to heaven for if he reached it, and forgot who did this to something so innocent and pure, heaven wasn’t enough if when he got there he didn’t remember her. Heaven wasn’t enough to save the gods for if he got there he would die a lonely man. No if that’s where the gods where he would take his chances, for in hell he was bound to see her alive again, even for a little while.

The End

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