The Elephant

                “She’s beautiful, isn’t she?”

                Oliver looked up from his breakfast plate. A high-browed brunette was staring off towards the far end of the dining hall. His gaze was pinned to a group of chittering girls, eating their meal near the far wall.

                “Which one?” Oliver inquired.

                “Man, you labor-division guys must be blind,” laughed the brunette boy.

                “He’s means the organizations girl with the mean temper and the wicked backhand,” laughed a boy from the edge of the table, one dressed in the traditional navigator suit.

                “Oh, I heard about her,” Oliver nodded. “So why so beautiful?”

                “She just is, man! I’m so bummed that she’s a little witch.”

                Oliver put down his fork and smiled gently, “is it a witch or someone too strong-willed to be wrong? There’s a reason they put girls like her in charge of organization. There has to be at least one elephant among us donkeys, eh?”

                The statement fell short among his companions. He laughed to himself and continued with his breakfast.

                “So do you know her name?” the navigator was asking.

                “Artemis,” the brunette nodded.

                “I thought that was a boy’s name!”

                Oliver looked up to see a bubbly-looking boy with hair so deep in color it was almost blue. Beside him sat what was quite obviously his twin brother. They were dressed in opposite uniforms, the bubbly one dressed in laborer’s fatigues and the reserved one in a logistics suit. Yet both wore name tags; the former being Lexton, and the latter being Luka.

                “Artemis, the goddess of the hunt, of childbirth, young girls, fertility and virginity,” Oliver smiled at Lexton squarely, “don’t underestimate the powers of Greek mythology, sir.”

                “Well, virginity isn’t a surprise, I’m sure she’ll stay one for quite a long time with that attitude,” laughed another of the boys on the table.

                Oliver looked towards the table the brunette had been stalking. The girl was not hard to distinguish from the rest. Her presence could have easily been described as intimidating. But something about her was at the same time very interesting. He brushed it away easily and began to clear his space.

The End

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