Miss Blue

                “Good morning! What’s your name?”

                Artemis had peered over incredulously, cursing such radiating cheer at so early an hour. The girl was most definitely around her age, but a bit taller and darker skinned. Her smile was enough to set the ship aflame.

                “Artemis,” she nodded.

                “Nice to meet you!” The girl smiled, sticking her hand out. “Would you like to come with me to the dining hall? I’m afraid nobody else is up now. I’m actually a bit scared of being around by myself.”

                Artemis glanced over the railing and then nodded slowly. The girl brightened even more and motioned towards a stairwell not too far from where they stood. She set off without another word. Artemis followed with her hands in her pockets.

                “So what’s your detail?” The girl asked.

                “I’m organizational,” Artemis looked over to her. “But next summer, I’ll be with logistics.”

                The girl giggled, “I thought that was the same thing!”

                “No, for organizational, I’m just helping with the people. With logistics, I’ll be helping with timetables and navigation, too,” Artemis spoke thoughtfully.

                “That’s really cool,” she was still smiling, “I’m with the therapeutic department.”

                Artemis was surprised. There weren’t that many doing therapeutics, as far as she knew. Soon enough, the girls arrived at the dining hall which was, indeed, empty. Only a few of the kitchen crew were present, setting up chairs and setting out giant communal dishes. The pair sat down together at a table on the far end, piling food onto their plates and having their fill.

                “So, what’s your name?” Artemis posed.

                The girl shrugged, “I don’t like it.”

                “Well, what should I call you then?” Artemis asked, raising an eyebrow.

                “Call me Blue!” the girl grinned.

                “I’m supposing that’s not your real name.

                She gave a devious smile before responding, “Of course not!”

The End

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