I Still Suck At Titles

Jaq rolled out of bed the next day to discover that her bedroom was about the temperature of summer in Nunavut.

"Jaquel, why on earth is it so cold in he-" Marlene burst in, a large fluffy blanket wrapped 'round her shoulders. Her sister's jaws dropped, blatantly staring at the older sibling.

"What did yo-" The younger girl took a breath and composed herself. "Jaquel, did you dye your hair in the night?!" Before Jaq could come up with anything vaguely intelligent to say, Marlene peered closer. "ARE THOSE COLORED CONTACTS?!"

The newly-turned winter spirit winced at the volume of the shrieked question. "Okay, okay, I'll explain, just calm down, alright?"

Marlene took a few deep breaths. "Fine. Explain. Now."

Jaq held up her hands placatingly. "Well, you see, I just... okay, first things first: I'm going by Jaq now." 

Her sister's eyebrow raised, but she didn't comment. 

The older girl continued nervously. "And I kind of just wanted a new look...?"

Marlene's eyes narrowed. "I'll find out the truth soon enough," She promised, grimly, and then spun on her heel and left to go check the thermostat.

Jaq sighed and put her head in her hands.

The End

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