Paaaaaage Titlessssss Areeeeee Harrrrrrrrrrrrrdddd

Walking home with her eight thousand pound backpack (or at least that's what it felt like), she couldn't help but feel weirdly cold. Rubbing her hands together through her gloves, her breath ghosted in the frozen air. 

This is insane. I mean, it is winter, but still. She thought.


That night, while lying in bed, she kept feeling uncomfortable. Even though she was continually shifting to try and find a comfortable spot, she still couldn't fall asleep.

Finally, she gave up, throwing back the covers and padded out of bed, towards the mirror. She regarded herself in its reflection.

Light brown-blonde hair fell past her shoulders and down to her ribcage ("Ugh," she moaned as she swatted it away from her face yet again) and dull green eyes stared into their mirror image. Her waist came in sharply just past her ribs, gently curving out again after to form her hips. She was starting to turn away from the reflection when she noticed something change. 

The roots of her hair were getting lighter. Not blonde-lighter, but white-lighter.

Her hair. Her goddamn hair was turning white.


She nearly fainted, before she noticed the other changes. The green of her eyes was bleeding into blue, the blue fading into a washed-out almost-gray. It was kind of a beautiful shade.

Her lips were turning into a pale pink, and her skin seemed to whiten a little. Not so much to make her look pasty, but just enough that she didn't look dead, only like she never went out in the sun.

Her breathing was coming in short pants, nearly hyperventilation-inducing. Her newly-blue eyes were wide, and her hands shook.

Okay. She swallowed. Get it together, Jaq. 

Because that's who she was now. Jaq Frost.

Her brain seemed to have acquired this information along with the new hair color and... well, everything else. Oh well, she had grown used to odd things in her life by now.

Still. She needed to sleep on this.

Jaquel headed back to bed.

The End

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