What Am I Doing? (yeah, not actually the chapter title, but whatever)

Jaquel was going to be late. She'd told Marlene that, but still. For all she knew, Marl had managed to burn the house down. It wouldn't surprise her.

But on her way out of the Front Hall of her school (Aaakane Academy of Females was freakishly large), she had run into the strangest young man. He looked about 21 or so, and he had hair so blonde it looked white, with pale blue eyes that looked tired and old. A white dress shirt was untucked over dark navy skinny jeans and sneakers. Overall, he was... strange. As she'd said before.

She had walked right into him, because she was so focused on her phone (an old, cracked Samsung) that she'd completely missed him.

He was slouched over, leaning on the stone wall, with his pasty hands shoved in his pockets. Bumping into him, she looked up, startled.

"Oh! I'm so sorry!" She rushed out, eyes wide. He just shrugged and shuffled his feet. "S'okay," He mumbled.

She gave him a weird look, and he suddenly stuck out his hand. "Jack Frost," He said.

Jaquel raised an eyebrow. "Wow. That must be a weird name to carry around." She commented wryly.

Jack snorted. "Yeah," he agreed.

"I'm Jaquel. Jaquel Moroz." She shook his hand, which had been hovering awkwardly in the air. "So, um." She didn't really know what to talk about with a stranger, but it felt rude to leave at this point. "Did you have a good day today?" She asked. It was a lame question, she knew, but she couldn't come up with anything better.

He raised an eyebrow. "Do you mean to ask me if my day fitted my definition of successful?" He inquired.

"Um. Yes, I guess?" She answered, feeling flustered. 

Jack continued. "Or do you mean that you wish that my day has been good? Perhaps what you meant was just that my day should have been good..."

God, this man was confusing.

"Ugh." Jaquel pressed her lips together. "Now I've got a headache."

His previously raised eyebrow arched even more, if that was possible. "Indeed?" He pressed an oddly chilly hand to her forehead, and she shivered - a sudden tingle of freezing energy had washed down her spine. It was the weirdest thing she'd ever felt.

Jack smirked. "You'll be fine," He informed her.

"You should probably put some ice on it, though." He smirked. And then he ran.

What. Her mind supplied, very unhelpfully.

The End

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