Heat Is Overrated.

When Jaquel Moroz meets the most frustrating young man in the universe, a strange duty gets passed onto her.

Or: The one where Jack Frost is possibly the most confounding/irritating person on the planet, and decides he's had enough. He then proceeds to go on a lavish vacation in the Bahamas. The result? The exotic islands get oddly colder in a bizarre case of climate change, and Jaquel Moroz becomes Jaq Frost.

AKA: I was bored.

Marlene hummed. Her lips curved in a wicked smile, and she sauntered over to her sister's bedroom. Knocking on the door, her tanned knuckles connecting with the wood, she barely waited for a reply before pushing the door open and entering.

"Yes, Marl?" Her sister asked, distractedly, though a slight tone of amusement tainted it.

"Well, sister dear, there's this boy, and he's really nic-"


She pouted. "Why?"

Jaquel leveled her gaze to her sulking sibling. "Because I am not going to drive you to some strange boy's house while the nanny's away."

Marlene narrowed her eyes. "Bertha won't mind," She argued.

"Yes, she will. She threw a fit over Tony, remember?" Jaquel cocked an eyebrow pointedly.

"Hmmph. Fine." The girl stormed out and went to stew in her own room.

Jaquel sighed and went back to her work.

The End

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