Chapter TwoMature

Alex laced his fingers through mine and pulled me closer to him. I sat down next to him, still holding his hand. Memories flashed through my head: the feel of his skin on mine, the feel of my lips on his, the way he held me when we were alone. I leant against him and he put his arm around my waist.

"Eternity would never be the same without you, Kel," he murmured.

If there hadn't been people around I would have been kissing him, to make up for lost time - ten years of it.

I should probably explain. Ten years ago, I was left on Earth with no way home. A further explanation would be: I'm an angel. But I'm not an ordinary angel; most angels have a specific type of magic - I don't. Other angels are bound to just one Magic but I learnt them all quite easily.

So, ten years ago, I was left behind on an expedition when we ran into some demons - yes, there was demons too - and no one ever came back for me. I used magic to de-age, if that makes sense. I became a little four year old and was taken in by a foster home. I was adopted by the time I was five. I've lived with my 'parents' for nine years since then. I'd told them what I was and they still loved me.

Alex and I used to be what I guess you'd call lovers. We had been for almost a century. He was older than I was by a few years, but that didn't matter when you lived forever. He could obviously tell I was thinking about it because he held me tighter and kissed the top of my head.

"Love you, Kelin," he whispered.

"I love you, Alex."

I kissed his cheek and got off the desk. I got the books out of my bag and took them to my locker. I got the books for the next three lessons and stuffed them in my bag. I slung my back over my shoulder, grabbed Alex's hand and pulled him out of the room.

I walked with him to the library. He didn't ask why I was taking him there. I led him up the stairs and dragged him behind the last bookcase in the row and sat down in the corner. He sat down beside me.

"Alex..." I whispered.

He understood what I wanted and gave it to me. He pressed his lips on mine and I made the kiss deeper, more passionate. He pulled me into his lap and buried his fingers in my long, light brown hair.

I was right when I'd said that no one could make me feel like he did. Just his touch set my heart alight. His kiss drove me crazy. His... Actually, let's not go there. My blood seemed to fizz when I was around him. I really loved him.

Alex broke off the kiss, leaving me physically aching for more. I clutched at his shirt, wanting to kiss him again. It had been too long since I'd last kissed him. He smiled crookedly, making my heart leap. I rested my forehead against his.

"Oh, Alex," I breathed shakily.

He laughed quietly. I always got like this when it was a while since we'd last kissed. I tried to regain my composure but that was very difficult when his lips were only centimetres away from me.

I stood up and sat opposite him. He played with the ring on my left finger, the one he'd given me.

"Why did you come back now?" I murmured. "Why not next week, or next month?"

He sighed. "We need you back. I need you back. Because you've been gone for so long, some of the women seem to think I'm game. They don't remember that we're married. It's only our parents that remember that. And maybe the few haters."

"Haters?" I questioned.

"Some people blame me for you being left here. They say..." He released a shaky breath. "They say I was only after your power and position."

"What do my mum and dad say?"

"They dismiss the theory entirely, for they know it not to be true. I almost died trying to save you. But they took you anyway. I didn't even know where you were for a while. I thought... I thought they had you and I didn't even want to think about what they could be doing to you."

The End

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