Hearts of AngelsMature

I'm Kelin. I'm 14 years old and I rule my school. I'm a rebel, and a queen. Though that's not a hundred per cent true; I'm also an angel - the only one not bound to magical constraints. Nice to meet you.

"Today, class, we're looking at Pythagoras' Theorem. We really need to get it drilled into your heads," said Miss Miranda.

"We're not the ones who need the drilling," I commented, causing her to glare at me. This was all a regular routine for our class.

"Thank you for that comment, Kelin, but no one asked for your opinion," she retorted.

"No one asked for yours either," I pointed out.

She didn't have a comeback for that and so turned back around to continue writing on the board.

I did that in every lesson, every day. I was the rebel, I was the queen. I ruled the school, even the years above me. I may have only been 14 but I knew how society worked. There were leaders, and there were followers. Me, I was neither. I was simply me.

I opened my textbook to the right page and started doing the work, with a little smirk on my face, of course. After a few minutes of looking at boring triangles, the door opened and a new boy walked in.

"Sorry I'm late," he said to the teacher. "There was loads of traffic."

"Not a problem. I'm guessing you're the new boy Mr Kirkwood was telling me about," Miss Miranda said, smiling at him. "Just take a seat anywhere."

He walked in and looked around at the room of girls, albeit the four boys at the front. He ignored all the empty spaces and came to sit next to me. He put his bag on the desk and got his things out. Miss Miranda handed him a textbook and an exercise book.

I knew all the girls were staring at him; he was quite cute. Almost all at once, the other girls sighed simultaneously. They knew how the system worked. All the boys were mine until I didn't want them. I hadn't meant to start it, it just started and it had worked that way for almost three years.

The new boy put his bag under the desk and got to work. He didn't seem to be having any trouble with the work. Miss Miranda went to her desk and started marking work. The new boy nudged me.

"What?" I asked quietly without looking at him.

"I know what you are," he whispered.

I looked at him, sudddenly alarmed. What? How could he possibly know? No one knew. I looked at him properly and I recognised him for who he was.

"Alex?" I murmured.

He just grinned at me and got back to work. He didn't say anything to me for the rest of the lesson. When the lesson was over and we were dismissed, I hung around for him. We were the last ones to leave. I led him to the form room and just looked at him for a little while. He was sat on the desk, giving me a smile I didn't return. His smile faltered.

"What's up, Kel?" he asked, using my nickname.

"You left me here. In this place. I was scared, I was alone. You left me," I said coldly.

"I didn't want to, Kel. I had to, and they wouldn't even let me come back and get you once it was all over. I want to, so badly. You've done quite well for yourself though. Got the whole school wrapped round your little finger. You were always so good at that."

He sighed ran his fingers through his ash blond hair, making it even messier than it already was. He looked at me with his bright green eyes, waiting for me to respond. But I didn't know what to say, I just didn't.

"I've missed you," was all I could come up with.

"I've missed you too. From what I've heard around here, you've got quite the reputation. If you know what I mean." I did know, and I also knew it was all lies.

"You were my first, and there's never been anyone since you. I've kissed a few guys but... they weren't you. No one can make me feel like you do."

"Isn't it a good job I've come back then?"

This time, I returned his smile.

The End

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