The MountaintopMature

===Anders' POV===

"Halam sahlin!" Hawke's feet flew over the rubble with ease, one foot gripping to a tree trunk as the other one flew to the air in a twirl. It was the dance of death, Varric called it. We had been sitting for hours now starstruck by her movements. She made her way towards Flemeth after the jump, rushing past her and flipping her body back around to face her in a mere second. Her foot made contact with the woman's back, and she took off in a spin as she projected herself from Flemeth, bracing for impacts as she somewhat spun to her knees in front of her. "Emma serannas, Flemeth." She bowed her head to the witch, her breath coming out in pants as she gathered herself again.

The old woman smiled, lifting her to her feet. "Your learning faster than I had imagined you would, my child. I wish Morrigan was more like you, eager to learn and quick to follow. Are you alright to continue?" Stormy nodded, pulling the two swords from her back as she stepped away from her, sucking in a big breath of Sundermount air. Her delicate hands threw them to the air, grabbing one from the base and using it to knock the other higher, finally settling the blade itself in her hand before tossing it to her. She caught it, pointing it to Hawke as they circled each other, Hawke's hair breezing back in the wind as she back stepped a stab. "Continue when ready, child. Channel that rage again only when needed or else you will tire far too soon."

Hawke nodded again, looking over to us briefly as she dipped under the blade. I smiled to her despite my worry, running my thumb gently over the gashes on my arm I had received only days earlier. Her body flowed at every strike they made, so swift with little to no effort needed. She matched each blow from Flemeth with her own, laughing every time she had the sword to her neck. "Use your strength now! Your weakening!" Flemeth shouted as another blow came her way, making her duck.

"I don't know how to control it!" A shout left her as she struggled to plant her foot on the rock next to her to take off. Flemeth grabbed her ankle as Stormy came towards her through the air, twisting her to the ground. She wrestled the woman for the sword, pushing it away from her next and slipping our from underneath her, jumping up to place the sword at the back of her neck. "Victory."

They both stood, heaving each breath as they folded over, laughing to each other. "Keep that up child and I might just take you under my wing." Hawke giggled at her comment, patting her on the shoulder leaning a bit further in to put her arm around the lady.

"I might take you under my wing, Flemeth." She smiled, looking over to me again and making my heart flutter in my chest. "We have a little more to go, love and we'll be done for the day." I nodded, observing them both with a smile of my own. She seemed so happy for the time being.

"Take as much time as you need, darling. We're in no hurry to go."

She squeaked, making me look up only to find Flemeth and her rolling in the mud and fighting each other with lighthearted comments and grins the whole way. "Has your magic regenerated yet?"

Hawke paused, standing back up to dust herself off. "I.. Yes. I'm just not sure how to do anything. I only used my reserves in the heat of the moment when I was in the Fade. I'm unsure how I even did it." There was a serious tone in her voice but Flemeth didn't hear it or seem to care. I subtle smile painted to her pursed lips.

"Yes you do, my child. Just give it a shot." They circled each other again, separating quicker than before. Both seemed energized through the exhaustion and the physical exertion they both were experiencing. Hawke stood awkwardly, holding out her hand and jumping.


I laughed to myself at the stupidity. Did she really think that would work? Flemeth sighed at her, lifting her staff and slamming it on the ground. The earth shook beneath them, making Hawke force herself back up. "Think of what makes you angry, child. Think of the thick rain during Ostagar, think of the fire that burned your home to the ground! Think of the day your sister was pulled from you, the day the Ogre got Carver, the pain you felt when Isabela betrayed you! Think of the lightning that cracked from the sky when you lost your life! Think of templars trying to take away your Warden after taking your sister!"

"Hey, that's not nice." 'Bela glared at the witch as she shifted in her seat beside Varric, her anger obliterating as she heard the anger in Hawke's voice when she spoke, the immense pain of her body channeling to her tone as her skin flared red. I gripped onto my arm, watching almost breathless. Her calm aura evaporated as a flame cascaded from the tops of her hands.

"They will not take anyone." She shouted, the flame surging to Flemeth as she moved viciously over the ground with vigor in every step. "My father! Forced to hiding! My sister not experiencing the world! My mother's pain when both were ripped from her! This cannot be of another mage!" Her voice made my blood run cold, I had never seen her this angry. She surged forth with a quick pace, sending a waft of violent air towards her. Flemeth summoned her shield, blocking the deadly blow as she moved to the inner workings of the cliff.

"Oh, yes they will! They will take every mage until every one of them is tranquil or dead! They will all be taken away from you, even him. You will never see Bethany again if you do not fight!"

Hawke jumped as the earth under her cracked wide, rain pouring from the sky above as they fought. "They will not hurt her. I will fight." Lightening fell from the sky, cracking like a whip as it made it's way to Flemeth. She smiled at her, lobbing a flaming ball of fire at Hawke.

"And what will become of you when they find out what you are? What your capable of? They will not hesitate to bar you up like every other mage!"

Hawke laughed, catching the fire in her palms. "Then all the better! I will get to play a part in the revolution. They will die for what they've done, that is inevitable, the question of who will bring down the Templar Order is irrelevant, despite how badly I want to be part of it's crumbling," She moved her hands apart, fire growing between them as she smiled, "The only question is how soon." She let go of the energy, letting it hit right above Flemeth before falling to her knees and her skin color restoring itself as she panted.

Flemeth walked over to her, almost cat-like, smiling down at Hawke. "So don't say you can't control it. Now how did that feel?"

A large grin sprung across her face, her eyes softening again with a slight laugh as she rubbed her chest. "That felt amazing."

The End

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