The Fade: Our Way HomeMature

I hissed in pain as I felt a volt of energy surge through my limp body, shooting into the back of my head and scorching my brain. I squeezed my temples, biting back a scream as the pain intisified. "Maker's breath, this needs to end!" My mouth spat on it's own, words flowing from it without any thought. My throat stung as I spoke, bringing me to almost gag. I breathed in deeply, grabbing at my chest as pain rose to it when I sat. I felt a chain around my neck, looking down to see a glowing vial. "Anders."

I shot up from where I was, the world around me coming into focus. This was not a place I wanted to be. It was dark all around and very cold. I heard a rustle of something behind me, shooting around and pulling my weapon from my back. "What in-" I looked down at was was my sword, seeing a staff instead. No wonder it felt lighter and different when I grabbed it.

"Hawke..." The voice sung from the abyss before me, a dark shadow coming into view. Was that.. Stepping from the shadows I saw my cousin, her blondish hair shining from the darkness and illuminating the world around me. Why was she here? "Stormy, I need your help. We must kill the archdemon. It's.. Destroyed everything.. Alistair." She collapsed at my feet as I grabbed her, setting her down. Her eyes. There was something wrong. She gripped onto me, pulling me towards her. "You must kill it, cousin. For I've grown too weak. The taint.. It's in you, isn't it? Something is inside you. Use it and kill the archdemon."

I looked down, pulling her hand away from her stomach. Blood. So much blood pouring from her. This wasn't right. I felt myself become inthralled by her eyes before I could think. "Yes. I can kill it." More words came from my lips without permission. She smiled up at me, her bruised lips shivering in the wind. There was that pain again when I tried to move. I winced, pulling my hands around my head and snapping out of it.

"Don't listen to her, Stormy!" A loud panicked voice came from behind me, making the smile faint off of her lips. "It's a trick. Don't fall for it! None of this is real!"

"You are the one who isn't real mage!" A tinge changed in her voice as the man came closer. Anders. Thank the Maker. I looked back down at her, a tear falling from my face.

I slipped my hand behind my back, grabbing onto the staff. I pulled it into my hand shaking as I watched her carefully. I hope to hell I know how to work this thing or else I'm gonna get eaten. I rose the staff above her, concentrating all my energy on the lightening I had vividly remembered from when I had went to sleep, "The archdemon is no longer, cousin. You've killed it already." I whispered, feeling a small singe from the staff as the blue light hailed from it, her body changing to her true form as her heart stopped from the large shock I had sent her. "Bloody desire demons, so tired of these things.." I pushed the body off of me, trying to ignore the pain inside me enough to stand and face him.

"We must hurry, love. We haven't got much time." Anders panted, grabbing onto me as he set off in a full run through the portal. I felt immense pain wave through me as we went through it, my body shattering under itself and sending me into a scream with him. The heat.. It was burning me inside out. I felt myself beginning to black out again, looking up one last time to see a blue glow surging through him as the agony reached my ears.

===Merrill at the Hanged Man===

I watched her lay lifeless along with Anders, nibbling on my nails as I waited for any signs at all. "Wonder what's going on. Do you think they're okay, Asha?" I spoke quickly and quietly, finally having mustered up the courage to speak despite my fear. "This is so tense. So overwhelming. My, I do hope they're okay."

Flemeth looked over to me from the bed, placing her thumb on Hawke's throat, waiting a moment before speaking. At the touch of her finger, Hawke's chest rose and fell again violently, her body trembling as did my hands as I watched, standing up from my seat. "What's happening to them?"

She glanced at me breifly in panic, standing from her spot as well. "It's awakening."

A scream released itself from Hawke's throat as her body rose again and retracted, rumbling slightly. Her voice no longer sounded like hers, and it was more of a draconic shriek that wailed as her body flew up from the bed, her arms spreading wide as her neck popped when her head vicously snapped towards us. Her eyes opened slowly, rolling to the back of her head and hiding the red light that was coming out of them as the veins in her body popped a red glow of their own. "Ready yourselves to stabilize her! This may go awry really soon!"

Her body fell back down like bricks as another glowing form rose next to her. "You must stop this! Her pain is my own!" A shout from none other than Justice as he pulled her to his chest to restrain her. Flemeth looked as if in shock, rushing towards him to help. "I will not stay long! The Fade is calling! You must help her, witch!" He screamed to her as Hawke sprung up once more, flinging Flemeth across the room in seconds. I shot from my seat as his body fell with her, the color leaving his body as hers grew stronger, pain in her voice as she levitated from the bed, fighting us back with another howl.

Falling to her knees, Hawke's spine stuck out, spikes pulling their way through her skin like razors and blood shimmering under her light shirt. I pulled her back onto the bed with Fenris, watching her mouth open in another scream. Fangs were growing in there! She wailed, pushing us off as she dug her nails into Varric's bed, shuddering as she pulled them from the sheets as they grew longer. She fell again, lifeless, her skin becoming pale again as her breathing steadied.

"This cannot be.."

===Back to the Fade===

I awoken to someone shaking me, pulling the life back into my frail form. "Lady Hawke! Breathe, damn it! We haven't any time at all!" The rumbling voice fought to wake me as it shouted. I fluttered my eyes open, seeing what seemed to be a very concerned Justice. A somewhat purple light radiated from him. Why? I looked down at my hand that was laced in his, seeing the redness of my own skin. Obviously I had my answer. I took in a breath, lifting my head from the floor slowly. "Hawke. Thank.. Thank the Maker you have returned." He somewhat stuttered at me, pulling me up into his arms and standing. "We have to get out of here. Now. Can you walk?"

I nodded, wobbling as he sat me back on my feet. "Are you sure?" I nodded again, closing my eyes for a second before beginning after him through the darkness. I tried to move swiftly with him, trying to make equally long strides to catch up. I breathed heavily as my stomach pinched with an unexlplainable feeling. "After we entered the portal we passed out. I'm not sure how long we were asleep so we must make haste."

"I wonder why that happened.. Was it what I did?" I shuddered, thinking back to how that zap of energy went through my hand with ease just like my sister. She would be proud. I sucked in a lump of air, bitterness stinging my mouth as we moved our way through the Fade slowly.

"I know of your heritage but I had no idea you beared magic in your very blood. What you did back there.. had nothing to do with the stave. It was like pure raw energy coming straight from you to her. It amazes me that a warrior such as yourself can do so without even a channel. Mages can't perform offensive magic in that manner." Justice spoke to me, pulling me along through the darkness like it was nothing to him. Then again, he did spend a large sum of time in the Fade.

"I don't know how it happened.. I just thought of the storm a few nights ago and then I saw it, I didn't even think it would work to be honest." I mused to him, flipping my hair from my face as I looked down at my hand. "It's too dark in this blighted place."

He stopped, looking down at me for a second. "Well then. Do something." I stared at him like he had six heads, raising my eyes as my mouth dropped to speak. "Honest, Lady Hawke. Just think of light and focus."

I bit into my lip, closing my eyes as I withdrew a short breath, thinking back to Fereldan in the summer, how the lights twinkled from the sky even at night. How blindingly bright it was when me and Bethany would play in the rain. We hadn't a care during summer when we were young. I felt a heat in my hand, slowly opening my eyes to see what was going on. Bloody nugs! My staff had a light surging through the top of it. I grinned, shrugging at the man before me as I continued down the path I could now see. "Still amazing."

I felt my leg give out underneath me as I ceased my sprinting towards what looked to be an exit, my body nearly crumbling as Justice made his way to me with great speed. "Hawke! Come on, we have to go! What's wrong?"

I grimaced, a wave of heat flowing uncontrollably through my spine and paralyzing me. My thoughts seemed so fogged from pain except one. Get him safe. "Go without me, Justice. I'll catch up with you in a moment." I grunted, feeling him try to pull me up.

"You lie! You must come with before it closes! We go together!" He roared, stumbling as I pushed away- a shiver crawling through my body as that famliar agonizing sensation filled me to my core.

"Go!" The feelings overtook me as I failed to keep my composure, feeling a shot go through my fingertips and gums. Justice clenched his jaw shut, giving me a sharp look as he wrapped his arms under my legs and around my shoulders. I tried to push back from him as he lifted me with ease.

"I refuse to go without you, Hawke. This is not a descision you can make for me. If you stay, I will gladly welcome my own death as you die in my arms." Justice nearly growled as I slid my sharp and growing nails across his arms, trying to get him to let me down.

"No, you will go! You will go now while you can! I'm not worth it! I will destroy you. You must let me go while you have time! For both of you! For the mages, save yourself and forget me!" I screamed, almost inhumanly as my voice seemed to shatter the ground beneath us, rumbling under his feet and shaking me. He looked down at me with almost sadness in his glass-like eyes, his eyebrows furrowing together as he pulled something from my pocket.

The sides of his lips twitched as he handed me a glass tube, a small watery gleam in his eyes as he spoke, unable to move forward yet. "Remember what you have there! At home! Our home! Now stop this nonsense! I will not leave you! You promised you would not leave me!" His voice sounded more like Anders and made my stop my fussing. My heart beat in my chest fell to my ears as I looked at him with hope in my eyes. "Remember our love?"

I held tightly onto the tube, feeling the pain fade away from me as I watched him. "Let's go home."

The End

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